Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Haul!

This is something I will rarely do. I don't generally spend money on nail polish stuff. Because of that, I don't do haul posts. Even this time, I went for colors I can use in artsy stuff to round out my palette. Still, I got $50 from my dad for my birthday day-before-yesterday, and I spent a bit on me. Don't get me wrong, $20 went to fix my car's AC, because I live in hell South Louisiana, where the heat index has been reaching 110° or higher on a regular basis. AC is not a splurge, it's a necessity.

But then, my husband told me he wanted me to get something for myself, something to make me happy. (This is where everyone is supposed to smile and saw, "Awww, he's awesome!") So I did. I went digging through online coupons and things, and I decided to look for what I might be missing, and so... well... here we go. I took pictures.

First off, I was running low on remover & acetone, and you know how important those are! So, I grabbed one of each. The remover was $0.98, the acetone was $3.45 or so.

Then I went to look for the stickers I've been drooling over for months. Seriously, well before I started painting my nails, but alas, they were sold out.  No cute cupcake & crossbones decals for Laynie. =(

That's ok. In a way, it's better, because that leaves more room for polishes, and boy did I ever shop well for polish. Now, the two purple Wet n Wild polishes (Eggplant Frost and Wild Card) were from the other day, I just hadn't photographed them, so I stuck them in with the birthday haul. They were birthday, just not from Dad's contribution. I also decided to get the Carribean Frost because it's such a pretty teal, the Shield because OMG, it's a gorgeous sort of warm pewter color, and I'm always needing clear polish to mix with. All were $1 except Shield, which was $2.

I also grabbed a couple of Love My Nails polishes, because hey, $1 polishes make me happy. I chose Hot Tamale because it's such a gorgeous, vibrant shimmery orange, and Dazzling because it's such an understated, purple/green shimmer. Seriously, it is insane, and it's so pretty!

Rockstar Pink was the biggest splurge of all, and it was from my actual birthday. I spent $2.50 on it, and it was worth every penny. It's a crazy glittertastic party, and I wouldn't change a bit of it. Well, I might make it a little easier to remove, but hey... it IS glitter, right?

And here's the fun part: I found a coupon at Walgreens online to get Sinful Colors polishes for $0.99. Be sure to double check if it's valid in your area, unfortunately it's not valid everywhere. There's a limit of three polishes per person, but that's why you bring a friend. I dragged my husband along and picked out six polishes that I think I am absolutely in LOVE with!

Happy Ending is a beautiful grassy green shimmer, Love Nails is an absolutely KILLER sky-blue shimmery/frost (not sure which), Let's Meet is a summery golden yellow shimmer, Dream On is the most impossible-to-photograph vibrant purple (almost fluorescent), All About You is a mix of gold and coppery glitters in a practically-clear base, and Call You Later is a crazy mix of multi-sized Green and Gold glitters in a practically-clear base.

And because that's not enough, I also got a nail art kit from the Dollar Tree because I have all sorts of strange ideas running through my mind for nail art, and lots of them involve little multicolor stones of some sort. it comes with 120 gems and a small bottle of top coat, and it, too, was $1.

If you've been keeping track, that's less than $20 spent today and less than $25 spent total. Not bad for 15 polishes, 120 rhinestones, a bottle of acetone, and a bottle of remover, yes? I'm giddy. I love getting a good deal! The only problem I have is...

... how the heck am I gonna STORE these babies? O.o


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  2. A belated Happy Birthday. Great haul. I just love all the colors.

  3. Happy Birthday~
    Wow, alot of those polishes are so cheap.
    Only a dollar for those gems.
    I had to pay around 4 pounds for my gems and that was only for about 50 gems!
    Must be nice to live in America.

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    I'm so jealous of your prices - 99c for Sinful Colors is great!! Nice deal on the gems too!

  5. I loooove Hot Tamale! I've had it for years, and I will be needing a new bottle soon at this rate. :)

  6. Steffie- aww, thank you! I went for colors to sort of round out my palette. I've been doing a lot of nail art on nail tips, plus sometimes I want a color and I don't have it and I can't mix it. That makes me sad! So this was an AWESOME birthday present!

    Anh- I love the dollar store here. Believe it or not, the dollar store has nail art stripers, older nail polishes that never sold, these nail art kits, actual sets of artificial nails... all sorts of fun cosmetic goodies, all for $1. LOVE it! Now, the nail gems aren't the best quality, but they're not horrible either. I'm happy with them!

    Leeblee- aww, thank you! Yea, when I saw 99c for Sinful Colors, I printed out three coupons so that I could grab three, then have my husband and my son grab three. But my son didn't go, so I was stuck with only 6. (Only... who am I kidding, I'm GLEEFUL about 6!)

    Zara- OMG, me too!! I cannot wait to try it on. I'm not sure if it'll work with my complexion, but it's just so vibrant!


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