Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick tidbit... Art Deco Illustration Nails = Konad Clone?

While looking through the Poka Pika Nails blog, I saw that she'd gotten a set of Art Deco stamping plates. I was excited to see this, since I seem to be obsessed with nail stamping for some reason. I did a bit of digging and found the website for Art Deco Nails, but I wasn't able to actually view the site due to an error. The google site cache showed me I was on the right track, though. A few more minutes of searching and I found the Art Deco stamping items on

I'm a bit surprised, I have to admit. The image plates look like they've got the same images as the Konad plates. Can anyone confirm this, or does anyone know anything about these? They look to be at least as expensive as Konad stuff, if not a bit more! I was hoping for more images to choose from...


  1. Looks like a lot of the same designs but mixed with different ones per plate. The one that she has in her post about them though is the same plate I have from Konad.

  2. Omg, I thought the same as you did.
    When I Mom brought home the Art Deco plate kit, I searched up tutorials on how to use it.
    The plates were nearly exactly the same as Konads!
    But honestly, they aren't half as good as Konad, or I'm just really bad at Konading.

    I wouldn't rccomend buying it ^^
    I already got my refund for it.

  3. Anh- actually, stamping can be a real pain in the butt from what I understand. Plus, if you aren't using the special polishes, it's even worse. I'm still saving pennies to get some special polishes.

    I've been practicing a lot making decals and stuff, but I've yet to actually stamp onto my own nails! Well, I've stamped my nails, but had to remove it because it was BAD!

  4. l0verlada- that what I thought. It's a shame, I want more designs!

  5. I practiced for a whole day and only got half the picture on.
    In the end I blamed it all on the poor plates.
    The worker that showed my Mom how to use the plates only got 3/4 of the picture on her nail!

    The people on Youtube that do tutorials make it look so easy. It made me believe that it was really easy until I actually did it..

    The special polishes are so expensive.
    I heard the Konad polishes are about 4 pounds per bottle!
    Even though the special polishes are really useful, I'll probably end up buying a black one.

    But Art Deco really made me hate Konading now.
    So I'm a free-hand person from now on >o<


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