Saturday, August 14, 2010

Enough! Take off that polish already! TAKE IT OFF!!

Back again? I know, you're dying to figure out just what else I could add to my manicure... It was pretty blingy and over-the-top as it was, could I actually do much more with it?

Silly lovey, of course I could!

I got an incredible package in the mail from KellieGonzo (who writes Also Known As, a rather kick-ass blog). See, we're been Twittering back and forth for a bit now, and she's as sweet as can be. Out of the blue she asks me for my email. Turns out, she says she's got a few Konad plates that she unfortunately hasn't been able to figure out how to use, and she wondered if I was interested in them. She'd noticed that I'm having a ball figuring out all the things you can use a Konad set for.

Well, I get to the mailbox the other day and find her package. Turns out her idea of "a few plates" is 14 plates, a holder, and 3 special Konad polishes! I kid you not, I squeed like a mad person! My husband just laughed at me as I went over and over the various bits, because it was just like Christmas! Honestly, y'all, I wanted to hug her!

Thing is, once I had those plates in hand? I couldn't let them just SIT there... I had to USE them. So I dug through til I found something I thought would be simple enough to go over what was on my fingers, but still fun enough to do, and simple enough I would be able to do it. First time Konading on my own fingers you know? So I picked out a simple dot pattern, and sure enough, 15 minutes later I had cuteness on my nails! I photographed it without topcoat, because I was afraid the Konad would smear and be ruined.

It wasn't, though. It survived just fine under my Sally Hansen topcoat, whose name escapes me at the moment. It's in here somewhere, though...

Problem is, those patterns are awfully small, and my thumbnails are awfully large. First I tried stamping my thumb vertically, but that left 1/3 of my thumbnail blank, which just ... I'm not ready to match up a pattern yet. Getting it on straight was enough excitement for the day! I cleaned off the stamp and started again, this time putting it at the base of my thumb. That left a bit of space at the tip, which I covered with the swirly bit there. It'd be nicer if I hadn't smeared it, but... meh. Bite me. It's my first time, and that's ok!

And there you have it. How I put more layers of polish on than any one person should EVER have on their fingers at one time. And it looked CUTE, too! Of course it finally chipped, and that chip made me crazy, so I had to take it all off, and now my nails are bare as ever. Funny how that happens... but I've got a lot of birthday polish and Konad plates to play with, so I'm sure they won't be bare for long!