Monday, October 11, 2010

Wow! Post #100! My baby's not a baby anymore!

I'm so excited, y'all! I know, it's a little thing, but this is post #100 for Layniefingers, AND I've finally reached 100 followers through GFC! How awesome is that?

I'm absolutely giddy. I had no idea people would be interested in this. I thought the market was saturated, and I would basically be keeping track of the nail designs I did for myself. I didn't think I'd be showcasing polish collections or actually having readers! So for everyone reading this, know that I think you're fabulous just for stopping by and bringing a bit of sunshine into my life. I couldn't be happier!

So, back to the bloggy goodness. I was wandering through WalMart the other night and decided to take a detour through cosmetics. Of course, the first thing I looked at was the Hard Candy section. I have some serious love for Hard Candy! I think it's the packaging. It's so cute and funky, it just screams out to come home with me! But I digress...

This time, I was surprised by a display of new goodies. An entire endcap of Hard Candy new stuff! I didn't know what to look at first, but I found myself drawn to their new temporary tattoos. Does anyone remember the uber-cute limited edition Chanel tattoos that were out just recently? They were so adorable, but there was NO WAY I could spend $75 on a box of temporary tattoos. Sorry, boys and girls, but mama's just too frugal for that one. Still, I was so, so drawn to them. The idea of temporary tattoo jewelry was too fun!

Well, now you can duplicate that look for about $70 less! Choose from blossoms and branches or hearts and crowns. You can have that Chanel look without emptying your wallet!

There's 3 sheets of tattoos with chain parts in single links, multiple straight links, or gracefully curving links, allowing you to arrange it however you like on your skin. Then there are 3 sheets of tattoo pendants, either crowns and hearts or sparrows and branches with cherry blossoms on them.

Personally, I find I'm drawn to the blossoms. I think there's a graceful flow to them that seems somehow peaceful to me. I really like them!

But if temporary tattoos aren't your thing, you can try their new nail polishes instead! Hard Candy has introduced three new shades to their permanent line up, and they are absolutely lovely!
They've also brought back a  wonderful shade from the old line, so if you missed Sky the first time around, this is a great time to go pick it up. This gorgeous pastel blue is so icy and gorgeous.

I have to admit, though...I am seriously lemming for Beetle. Look at how it seems to shimmer through different colors! I may have to break my no-buy for this one!

And as if that weren't enough, there are also three fantastic new limited edition polishes out just in time for Halloween! Mischief is a wonderful bright orange in a sheer black dark green (Thanks, Scandalous!) base. It's so sparkly that you know the inner magpie in me was crying to get out! Zombie is a luscious pink and purple, and Wicked is silver in a black base. These are so, so perfect for Halloween! They're also great for any other time of year, who am I kidding!

The best part of all is that each of these is only $5 at your local WalMart. I would suggest heading to the web page to order if your local store was out of stock, but after looking at it, it's... slightly strange. The polishes aren't listed by name! Instead, someone has described them by color- white glitter, rose glitter, red-orange. Who can tell what you're getting like that? Weird! Oh well...

I'm telling you, this no-buy gets harder by the day!

Images from the Hard Candy Facebook page.