Monday, November 29, 2010

Deborah Lippmann- Lady Sings the Blues

I decided that since these Deborah Lippmann polishes come in a set, I'd review them back-to-back. Today's polish is Lady Sings the Blues, an absolutely stunning jelly-ish navy blue polish with glitter in multiple sizes. Once again, this polish is a total keeper, and one I can see being worn for all sorts of occasions!

Deborah Lippmann seems to be known for her use of glitter in interesting ways. From Happy Birthday to Funky Chunky, her polishes consistently push the envelope, giving us new ways tow ear glitter- stylish, edgy, and always interesting. You may love it, you may hate it, but you'll definitely notice it!

Lady Sings the Blues is no different. It's reminiscent of some of her other polishes (Ruby Red Slippers, Bad Romance, Across the Universe) with the mix of large hex glitter and tiny square glitter suspended in a gorgeous jelly-ish base. What can I say, I am absolutely drawn to this sort of look, and once again this polish is a total winner. The hex glitter is very eye-catching, and the navy is such a beautiful tone. I think almost anyone could wear this polish and look wonderful in it!

This polish is sort of tricky to apply, but it's not too bad. The key is to let each coat dry for a few minutes before applying the next coat. This lets the glitter sort of set up, so that it won't all end up at the tips of your nails. Try and keep a light touch on the brush as well, and you'll end up with a really beautiful arrangement of glitter on your nails!

Removal of this polish isn't too horrible, considering it's a glitter polish. I'm going to assume that's because it isn't a glitter-heavy polish, but instead has so much open space.

I also decided to try stamping with this polish, just to see how it would work. Silly? Probably, but look- it actually works! My little stample shows how nicely it transferred, although the hex glitter did cause a problem or two. You can see a few blobs there- that would be because of the hex glitter.

Gee, I wonder what tomorrow's post will be... :D

Deborah Lippmann's Lady Sings the Blues was provided by the manufacturer for consideration.
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