Monday, June 4, 2012

Really? Seriously?? Update...

Ugh. I had a day where I was feeling decent, so I was excited to do a manicure I'd been thinking about for days. I also found some Nutranail Gel Perfect on clearance for $2, and inside were coupons for $1 off and $2 off, so I bought 2 more for a buck! So excited...

Except there's always something, right? I lost my balance and grabbed for the doorknob in my bedroom and managed to tear off 3 nails on my swatching hand. And when I say tear off I mean there is no white left. *sighs*

And of course, this comes after breaking my thumbnail almost that far. I decided to hell with it and just cut them all off, so they can grow back evenly. Til then, I've got super nubs.

At least they grow back. :D

So instead of painting my nails, I made a book. I used sturdy drawing paper, stiff cardboard from the back of the drawing pad, staples and duct tape! And believe it or not, I love it to pieces! I've been decorating the covers, so I snapped a quick pic of what I've done so far. I think I like it!

So cheer me up, guys! Tell me something funny, share a link to an amusing site... even tell me about a time you had a nail disaster.  I could use some distraction.

Some day it's not worth crawling from the wreckage...
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  1. Nail Accident/Disaster: At work we have a swinging door between two spaces that is about waist height. You have to reach over the little swinging door and unhook it so you can get it opened. As I was closing it behind me, my thumb got caught between the metal latch and the frame. You could actually hear the crack my thumb nail made as it split from free-edge almost down to the cuticle; it went right through the quick of my nail. I was momentarily stunned, held my hand up and then I realized my thumb was bleeding profusely. Horror movie-esque. I'll spare you the rest of the details. Thankfully my nail never detached, although I wasn't too sure as it was healing.

    Hope this makes you a bit happier - at least you don't have to have your fingers bandaged for the next 3 weeks. :)

    PS: My nails are down to nubbin's as well. We can rock them together. Hehe.

    1. OMG, that is HORRIFYING. I cannot even begin to comprehend that. You make me feel very thankful about my nubs! And yay, nubbin twins!

    2. That was the point and I'm glad I was able to accomplish it. ;) Woot, twins.

  2. I went to visit my gran, who showed me a new concrete bench she'd purchased for her porch. She told me how heavy it was an urged me to try lift it. I didn't know that the seat part was only loosely placed on top of the supporting legs, so I gave a might heave to try and lift this heavy thing.

    Of course it lifted far more easily than I'd anticipated, leaving behind the leg and causing me to rip off my nail against it, which, since it hadn't come along with the seat, was not where I had expected it to be. Never mind no white, it was just blood. And intense pain.

    I still flinch when I think about it. All recovered now, though.

    Love the book cover!


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