Sunday, March 11, 2012

Magnetix Polish

Magnetix polish with two magnets.
I am so excited! Last night, my family and I were out running some errands and I decided to stop off at Rite Aid to see if they had any fun new nail goodies. Talk about a score, I found a display of magnetic nail polishes!

They weren't too horribly expensive, either. The Magnetix polishes are $7.99 each, and come with two magnets! I was excited about that, since it seems most magnetic polishes either come with one magnet or make you buy the magnet separately!

The polishes come in a plastic box, and the display was on the bottom shelf. I could easily have missed it if I wasn't specifically keeping an eye out for interesting polishes! Unfortunately, I didn't notice how many colors there were, but I saw quite a few, including gold, silver, green, blue, deep pink, and a sort of putty brown color. They all had the same two magnets, so you can't get more patterns by buying more than one bottle.

Still, the patterns are nice enough. The magnets are somewhat flexible too, which let me sort of bend the magnet around my finger, so tht the magnetic field reached more of my nail instead of sitting right on top.

One strange thing, at least to me: the bottle shape is downright bizarre! While the bottom of the bottle is round, the top is triangular, and slants off to the left! It's sort of like a Nicole by OPI bottle, if you turned it to the side and the top was triangular. I don't know, it's weird!

It doesn't affect the polish inside, though, and it wasn't hard to hold or anything. I just find the shape weird. Maybe it's interesting instead. Whatever.

The big question for me was would it work. I've been dying to get some magnetic polish, but I didn't want to spend $20 on a bottle, I'm just too poor for that. I can deal with $8, even if it is a bit more than I'd like to spend, but I would be heartbroken if it didn't work. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed...


So, the final verdict? This stuff is kind of tricky to use, but it's absolutely gorgeous. It can be worn as a normal polish, worn with the magnetic stripes, stamped over a different polish... (yes, it stamps like a dream!)

Take a few minutes to get used to using the magnets, though. If you use too little polish and you won't see stripes, and if you use too much you won't see the stripes. Expect to have to redo a few nails, or do like I did and just live with it, since it's pretty no matter what you do to it! I'll let the rest of the pics speak for themselves...

What are your thoughts about magnetic nail polish? Are you itching to rock the trend, or is it leaving you bored and waiting for the next big thing? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Yay for finding inexpensive magnetic polish!
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