Saturday, July 3, 2010

OMG, I Can't WAIT to Finish These!

I couldn't wait, I had to share these. I'm in progress on another set of nails, and I am in LOVE!!! I have had this bottle of glitter in my cabinet for literally 15 years. I bought it on a whim to wear as body glitter to Mardi Gras one year, and haven't done a thing with it since.

I can't think of anything better to use it for than these nails, can you? Can you see the fire in the blurred images? Ohhh, I am in LOVE!

However- note to self. Next time use a paper mixing cup for the glitter. My poor bowl/palette is glittered madly, and there isn't enough packing tape to pick it all up. It's also too contaminated with loose polish to actually dump back into the bottle, so I ended up having to dump a mixture of water & white glue in to catch all the loose glitter so that it won't go everywhere. At least it will contain the glitter and not make a huge mess, but man, I wish I'd thought of this earlier. The paper mixing cup could be glued or taped shut and tossed without a second thought.

Ah well. I'll know for next time.


  1. *smiles and nods* Pure glitter, the sort of mani that would take HOURS to remove on real nails. I think I'm in love!


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