Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Storage Ideas for Your Frugal Finds!

Welcome back! Did you enjoy my tale of rhinestone and stud shopping? I hope you've found some of your own as well, and that this post will help you store them sanely!

Don't do what I did- I put them into a single box which did me NO GOOD. Instead, I needed something that will let me sort my various stones and studs by size and color. But how to do this without spending a ton of money?

First I checked the crafts department of my local big box store. I found a cute little 6-well container for only $1, but I have WAY more than 6 colors and sizes to sort. This could get expensive, fast... I decided to look around for a better deal.

Since I'm not terribly fussy about things LOOKING a certain way, I headed over to the pharmacy department where I found this adorable little medication organizer for a whole 88 cents! You do the math- 6 sections for $1 or 14 sections for 88 cents... that's a no-brainer!

Unfortunately, I have even more things to sort, so I'd still have to spend several dollars to get things sorted the way I need. I decided to take my shopping online to eBay. Wouldn't you know, I found an amazing deal?

5 of these for less than $4? Sign me up, please!
The seller mokimay had a listing for a set of 5 empty nail art wheels with 12 wells each for around $3.72 and free shipping and tracking! Considering I'd need at least 2 of the pill boxes, this seemed like a total no-brainer. I haven't received my order yet, but I know it's shipped (the next day!) and I don't foresee any problems.

So, when in doubt, hold on to your debit card and check eBay before buying. You may find the perfect solution for less than you expected!

I love getting a good deal...
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting Nail Art Supplies on the Cheap!

Oh my goodness, it's JUNE!! How does this happen? I know, life happens, and all we can do is hang on and try to get done what needs doing. I've been failing on that front, but maybe I'm getting back into the swing of things?

On that note, I wanted to share a tip I've been using myself lately. I don't know if you've noticed, but rhinestones can be freaking expensive! Heaven help you if you want more than one color, or more than one size, or studs or something. You do have the option of going to a store like Dollar Nail Art, but you're gonna have a $25 minimum order plus shipping costs. What if you don't want to do that, or don't have an extra $30 to spend on nail art?

Honey, have I got you covered. Don't just look for nail art supplies in the cosmetics section. I often dig through the clearance department in both big box stores like WalMart and Target, as well as clearance at hobby stores like Michael's and JoAnns. Recently, I was rewarded by finding a big selection of clothing customization kits from a brand called Next Style.

I found several iron-on rhinestone & stud designs that included multiple colors and sizes of studs and stones. At a whopping $1 each, I wasn't breaking the bank and wound up with an amazing amount of goodies for nail art!

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking too clearly and wound up putting all the stones into a single container, with all the studs into a separate container. This didn't do me a whole lot of good, because now I've got this jar of sparklies but I can't tell how many of each one I have. What to do??

You'll have to check back for the next post to see how I solved that particular problem. I've also got some hints for storage on the cheap, so check back soon!

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