Saturday, July 3, 2010

Questions, questions...

I've always been weird. I know this for a fact, I've always looked at things as what they might be, instead of what they are. So while I can love all the new nail polish shades, the nail art goodies, etc, I also look at other things and think, "What if I put this on there instead..."

Do you do this? Do you stick to nail polish only, or do you look around at things on totally different departments and think, "Hey, I could use that for texture!" or "That would look AWESOME on my nails!" Do you look at the various bits and bobs to see what can be cross-purposed as nail bits?

For example, the rhinestones on my nails in the 4th July manicure aren't from a nail art kit. They're pre-glued rhinestones from a cell phone/laptop/planner decoration kit. However, when you compare them to the rhinestones I got in a different nail art kit, the only difference is the color and the glue. Plus, I got them on MAJOR sale... 30 cents at Office Depot. I didn't know what I would use them for, but they were too pretty to pass up!

I also use acrylic paints on my nails often. I've heard of/seen people using fabric paints, various glitters, labels from various candies, etc. I'm always looking at things, wondering if I could use them in a different way than they were intended to be used.

So tell me- what's the strangest thing you've put on your nails? Is there anything you wouldn't use?

Also- go check out the Hungry Asian's giveaway, it is a CRAZY amount of polishes! 17 polishes and a pack of artificial nails! But first, leave me a comment about what you do... I'm hoping I'm not the only one who sees the world as a variety of art materials just waiting to be used!

OMG, I Can't WAIT to Finish These!

I couldn't wait, I had to share these. I'm in progress on another set of nails, and I am in LOVE!!! I have had this bottle of glitter in my cabinet for literally 15 years. I bought it on a whim to wear as body glitter to Mardi Gras one year, and haven't done a thing with it since.

I can't think of anything better to use it for than these nails, can you? Can you see the fire in the blurred images? Ohhh, I am in LOVE!

However- note to self. Next time use a paper mixing cup for the glitter. My poor bowl/palette is glittered madly, and there isn't enough packing tape to pick it all up. It's also too contaminated with loose polish to actually dump back into the bottle, so I ended up having to dump a mixture of water & white glue in to catch all the loose glitter so that it won't go everywhere. At least it will contain the glitter and not make a huge mess, but man, I wish I'd thought of this earlier. The paper mixing cup could be glued or taped shut and tossed without a second thought.

Ah well. I'll know for next time.