Monday, August 30, 2010

I have the death, so look at these pretty tests...

I am working on a stamped gradient right now. Unfortunately, I seem to have caught a little bug. In other words, I'm sick as a dog, and can barely stay awake to crop pictures and write. I'm planning to have the tutorial up tomorrow, if all goes well. Until then, look  at these lovely marbled tests I did.

Sinful Colors polishes- Dream On (purple), Love Nails (blue), and Happy Ending (green), plus a bit of Art Deco white. These were applied in lines then swirled together.

I was stunned at how well this came out. In person, it looks almost like the inside of a shell, with the nacreous Mother of Pearl lining swirled inside. There is so much shimmer in these that getting a good photo was difficult, as you can see by the photo on the right.

Same colors again, minus the white. Harder to see, and harder to photograph. Still, it's sweet. I like them!

So yea, I'm going to bed now.