Monday, May 2, 2011

Unexpected traveling and a contest extension...

I doodled this one day and thought
it would brighten up the post!
Wow. You know how sometimes you suddenly have to go out of town and whatever you had planned gets postponed? Yea. I spent the past few days hours from home with no internet access, so I had absolutely no way to verify my giveaway entries, much less to pick a winner!

This is good, though- I'm extending the deadline for my giveaway to May 3, just to give me a couple of days to go through entries and get everything sorted out. So, if you haven't entered, this is pretty much your last chance! Tell your friends, and GO ENTER!!!

I'll be posting a winner as soon as I can. Until then, be well, and may you find your most longed-for polish in a dusty clearance bin for 90% off!

Unexpected traveling can be fun!
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