Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dealing With Difficult Times

Blah, this has not been a fun week. Long story short, I was prescribed a new medication around 6 weeks ago, and I seem to be having negative reactions to it. You know, the kind that show up in the pamphlet that comes with your medication under the category "Contact your physician immediately."

That's always fun. Comes with lots of unpleasantness that doesn't need to be dragged out on the blog. Let's just say it sucked, we figured it out, and now I'm moving on.

However, whenever I make a post about fibromyalgia, I almost always get comments about how helpful people find my suggestions on coping with chronic pain. So, let's check back in for another installment of How Laynie Keeps From Pulling Her Hair Out From Chronic Pain, shall we?

YouTube tends to help me manage pain in several ways. There are art and craft tutorials that are inspiring, music videos that can transport me to a different mental place, and cat videos that are just... well, cat videos. Seriously, we all know what those are, right?

But there's another category of videos that can make me laugh and forget just how much I hurt. I may have mentioned this once or twice, but I absolutely LOVE babies. Happy babies, silly babies, toddler walks, baby laughs, chubby baby thighs and happy baby smiles. I am that lady who goes completely mental in the stores when she sees a cute baby, and will often have entire conversations with a pre-verbal baby. Yes, people stare sometimes, but I think most people understand what's going on, and if they don't? They should figure out how awesome babies are and join in the fun!! :D

So, in the spirit of sharing videos that help me get through painful times, enjoy this absolutely adorable baby. Yes, the videos are vertical, but the baby is worth it.

Man, I WISH someone would pay me for this post. ;)
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