Saturday, October 9, 2010

GOSH Black Passion (and a request!)

I love autumn. I get absolutely giddy every year when the weather cools down and I get to start wearing my long-sleeved tops with my kitty shoes. This year has turned cool earlier than usual, and I'm not complaining at all! I am, however, finding myself turning to deep colors for my nails. It's time to pull out my GOSH Black Passion!

This is a deep charcoal polish with silver shimmer. I love it even more than usual because this gift (along with my other GOSH polishes) was sent to me by a lovely friend in the UK. Every time I see those bottles, I'm reminded of how surprised I was to see the package she'd sent me. A little unexpected kindness will turn me into a silly mess of thankfullness every time!

Black Passion is actually less black and more of a graphite color,  complete with silvery shimmer inside. It's absolutely lovely, and a bit easier to wear than straight-up black. I found it kind of hard to apply- it's a very dense, pigmented polish but it tended to have a lot of drag, so I ended up needing two coats just to even everything out. Still, two coats is nothing to complain about, especially when you end up with such a lovely result!

Also, I had a request the other day from Deez Nailz, who was curious to see what Love My Nails Dazzling looks like over black. She was thinking it would look stunning over black, and she was right!

I mean, really... do you see the crazy sparkle on that nail tip? I also tried something simple- I did a gradient with the sparkles, so that it went from pure black at the base to sparkle mania at the top. All I did was paint the glitter on from different parts of the nail for each coat!

I think it's a bit easier to see the lines since I put the arrows on. Also, to cut down on the lumpy look, I did the first coat on just the tip of the nail, the second on half, and the third coat covering three quarters of the nail. Somehow that makes it seem more gradient and less striped. A coat of topcoat and it looks magical!

What can I say, I think everyone should have at least one bottle of this topcoat. It can turn any polish from drab to glam! So tell me, what do you think of this topcoat? What color would you put it over?