Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top Five Polishes of 2010

It's the end of the year- the time for introspection, for tying up loose ends, for making next year's plans and for remembering the best and the worst of the year that's ending. As part of this, AnnKiins'♥ has tagged me to write about my top five polishes of 2010. Her post about the same topic was fun to read, definitely stop by if you haven't read her blog. She's a total sweetheart!

However, her tag got me to thinking for a bit. What polishes would I pick as my top five? More importantly, why would they be my top five? I was surprised that I had absolutely no problem picking five polishes off the top of my head for very good reasons. "Oh yea," I thought to myself... "This is gonna be fun!"

5. Ruby by Heaven.

This is a drugstore brand that's made by Blue Cross Cosmetics, and the line consists of quite a few colors including neutrals, pinks & reds, glitters, neons, and deep/dark colors. Best of all, they only cost $2.49 at Albertsons! (Yes, that's a grocery store. I know, but they have a pretty awesome cosmetics department!)

Why do I place it at number 5? First of all, it's sentimental to me. My husband got me this polish for mother's day this year, and I think it's uber sweet. But I also love this polish because it is such an amazing red glitter. It's incredibly dense without being gloppy, and it dries almost perfectly smooth. A coat of Seche Vite turns it into the most amazing red glitter polish ever... and I adore it!

4. Lime Up! by Essence.

I've become extremely fond of lime green over the past year, and I've bought at least four polishes hoping to find that perfect lime green. Each one turned out to be so incredibly sheer that I may as well have painted my nails with clear polish. That made me very, very sad.

However, thanks to my Twitter friends that's no longer a problem! I was told about this polish's opaque green yumminess and was immediately off on a quest to claim it as my own. Sure enough, I found that it was the green I've been dreaming of. Considering it cost a grand total of 99 cents, that made it even better! Oh, Lime Up, I love you so!

3. Dazzling by Love My Nails.

If you've read this blog for very long, you probably knew this one would show up. I use this polish often, whether for frankening or layering or just adding highlights for a bit of nail art. It's one of my all-time favorites.

Dazzling is another 99 cent wonder, only this time it's because of the shimmer inside. It's a very sheer polish that wouldn't look like much on its own. But add it on top of something else and it really shines. I have my main bottle that I'm about halfway through, as well as two backup bottles. The scary thing? I'm still tempted to go buy more as backup, I love this polish that much!!

2. Valerie by Zoya.

This was an easy choice. When I got the Zoya Flame collection, I was immediately drawn to the three glass flecked polishes. I normally wear a polish for maybe 2 days before I change my nails, and once I've worn a polish it goes into the box so I can try more of my untrieds. I have quite the pile of unworn polishes, and I feel guilty wearing something more than once before I've worked my way through them.

But Valerie? Oh yea... Valerie was an exception to the rule. I wore this one for three manicures in a row. Plus, I wore those manicures for something like five to six days each! I simply couldn't get enough of this rich, glossy purple. I'd never been a purple girl, but I definitely am now...

And finally, my number one polish of 2010...

Gosh Holographic, the most beautiful rainbow polish ever!
1. Holographic by Gosh.

This is the polish that started it all. I hadn't worn nail polish in years because it never stayed on. It would peel off in a giant chunk no matter what I did, so I couldn't be bothered trying to paint my nails to make it stay on. But somehow I found the nail polish blogosphere...

A wonderful friend of mine was kind enough to send me a packet of Gosh nail polishes from the UK. When I opened it I was absolutely astounded by the incredible beauty of Holographic. It's absolutely stunning, and photographs just cannot capture the play of light over it. I put it on, and was in love.

That single bottle of polish started my collection, my interest in nail art, the blog... everything. I owe it all to my friend and her simple gift. There really aren't words enough to thank her, so I hope she ends up seeing this post. I love ya, Tal!! *hugs*

So there you have it, my top five polishes and why I love them. This turned out to be much bigger than I expected!! Instead of tagging everyone by name, I'm going to do something meaner: If you're reading this, tell me your top five favorite polishes! Blog it or leave it in the comments, but I want to hear what polishes you love! (Or hate, for that matter... no one said it has to be your top five favorite polishes!!)

Til next time...