Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haven't You Always Wanted a Llama?

Just a quickie update, since today's my birthday! I'm going to be lazy and comfy and not do much, but I wanted to share a conversation my husband and I had last night. I think it sums us up nicely...

It all started when I asked him to bring me a glass of water...

My husband:  Sheesh, woman! Kill the monster, bring you water...
Me:  Yes, and clone the llama! You can't forget the llama!
Husband:  I can't clone a llama for you. I only have a mango!!
Me:  But... but...
Husband:  And everyone knows you need a kiwi to clone a llama!
Me:  ...but... if you REALLY loved me, you'd clone me a llama!!
Husband:  *frowns*
Me:  *pouts*

I think we've both lost our minds! :D

Til next time!

French the llama!
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