Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Days Suck... and then there's Fibro.

It hurts your family, it hurts your friends, and it hurts your mindset.

I apologize in advance for the brief whine coming, but it's my blog, you know? Sometimes, ya just have to whine.
Some of you know bits of this, some know more, some know less. I try not to talk about it all the time, just because it gets depressing. But the bottom line is that recently, I spent over 6 weeks sick. First, the kiddo came home from camp, and brought home a lovely chest cold. This chest cold turned into bronchitis for me, and I spent almost 5 weeks fighting it off and on before giving up and going to the doctor.

I know it's stupid. I wasn't sick with acute bronchitis the whole time. I was, however, sick the whole time. I would improve for a day or two, then spend 3 or 4 days sick in bed. Lather rinse repeat, until I was running fever and coughing my head off. The doctor lectured me, said I was damn lucky I didn't end up like Jim Henson. I spent 10 days on Bactrim, including what I thought was an allergic reaction and an ER visit with quite a few tests and resulting bruises.

Within days of finishing the first round of antibiotics (of course, there was more than one *sighs*) I wound up with what I assume was strep. I didn't go to the doctor this time because we're broke as hell (note me selling off nail polish? There's more to come, if I can just get the strength together to do it!) and also because due to a lovely accident I also had a prescription for antibiotics that work on strep and other throat infections. 

Big flarey lizard. RAWR.
For once, life worked out in my favor... mostly. Except that now, thanks to two rounds of powerful antibiotics, strep, and bronchitis, my fibro is flaring like one of those freaky lizards. (See left, for full view of flariness.)

This is a long way to say that guys, I'm still exhausted. The second round of antibiotics worked on my throat infection, but made me feel worse than the presumed strep did. For the record, strep makes me feel like I've been hit by a truck. I'm improving slowly, but this one has hit me really hard, so I'm having problems doing much of anything except trying hard to work through this.

The good news is that it will pass, and I will stop feeling like a burden on my family, a drag for my friends, and a waste of oxygen. I will stop hurting so much, so that I can sleep through the night (or at least, for more than 2 hours at a stretch). I will regain that cheery personality that I seem to be known for.

But right now? Right now it's hard to gather my thoughts together enough to write, hard to control my tremors enough to paint my nails (they've been bare for a week, and chipped for 2 before that). It's hard to get the strength to walk to the bathroom, much less do what needs to be done around here. So the blog is... still going, but maybe a bit quiet for a little while. Maybe I'll just entertain you all with my sparkling wit. ;)

And once I've gotten over this stretch a bit, there's some really cool stuff!! Giveaways, videos, reviews, tutorials... omg, I'm getting excited just thinking about it! So don't forget about me. Let me know what sort of thing you'd like to see in the next week or three! Just keep in mind it shouldn't need all that much physical exertion, because... you know, ow.

I love you all. You have no idea how much...

Til next time.

I'm not always depressed, I promise!
See my disclosure statement for more information.