Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Storage Ideas for Your Frugal Finds!

Welcome back! Did you enjoy my tale of rhinestone and stud shopping? I hope you've found some of your own as well, and that this post will help you store them sanely!

Don't do what I did- I put them into a single box which did me NO GOOD. Instead, I needed something that will let me sort my various stones and studs by size and color. But how to do this without spending a ton of money?

First I checked the crafts department of my local big box store. I found a cute little 6-well container for only $1, but I have WAY more than 6 colors and sizes to sort. This could get expensive, fast... I decided to look around for a better deal.

Since I'm not terribly fussy about things LOOKING a certain way, I headed over to the pharmacy department where I found this adorable little medication organizer for a whole 88 cents! You do the math- 6 sections for $1 or 14 sections for 88 cents... that's a no-brainer!

Unfortunately, I have even more things to sort, so I'd still have to spend several dollars to get things sorted the way I need. I decided to take my shopping online to eBay. Wouldn't you know, I found an amazing deal?

5 of these for less than $4? Sign me up, please!
The seller mokimay had a listing for a set of 5 empty nail art wheels with 12 wells each for around $3.72 and free shipping and tracking! Considering I'd need at least 2 of the pill boxes, this seemed like a total no-brainer. I haven't received my order yet, but I know it's shipped (the next day!) and I don't foresee any problems.

So, when in doubt, hold on to your debit card and check eBay before buying. You may find the perfect solution for less than you expected!

I love getting a good deal...
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