Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you all for the happy birthday comments. You have absolutely no idea how much they meant to me. I had quite a roller-coaster of a day, complete with laughter and tears, freakouts and unsolicited hugs, and I even got to make a little boy in the middle of a meltdown feel better. Overall, it was a good day.

We went walking at Whole Foods last night, looking for Bacon Salt of all things. I was sure I'd seen on their website that Whole Foods was one of the places you could get it. It isn't, at least not anymore. But it was fun regardless. I got to see Zoya polishes in person (gorgeous!!) and even swatch a few, and that's where I made the little boy stop melting down. It's a great technique, actually. For small children in the middle of an actual breakdown, where they're not just being whiny or whatever, if you ask them a random question and can catch their attention, it interrupts the meltdown cycle and just stops it cold. It was beautiful, and the father was SO impressed.

The little boy was around 2, and looked absolutely exhausted. He was sobbing, huge tears rolling down his face, and his father was trying to get him to stop crying but seemed at a bit of a loss. So I stepped up and said, "Hey buddy, what's that in your hand? Is that a phone?"

He looked at me through the tears and just... stopped. The tears stopped, the vocalizing stopped, and you could clearly see what was going through his head: "What the hell is this weird lady talking about?" I talked to him for another 10-15 seconds, just to make sure the cycle had broken, then I smiled at his dad, who was looking at me like I was working magic or something. I told him briefly that when you can distract kids with a question the way I did, it can stop a meltdown. The kid was fine after that, for the next 10-15 minutes at least. :D

So overall it was a good day. I splurged for my birthday and got 3 nail polishes- woo! (Awesome $5, if you ask me!) I got Sally Hansen RockStar Pink (a $2.50 crazy glitter mix of pink, red, purple, blue, gold, silver... and who knows, maybe more!), Wet N Wild Wild Card ($1 for a shimmery lavender gorgeousness that defies pictures, apparently!), and Wet N Wild Eggplant Frost ($1, oddly not a frost but a deep blurple shimmer that is to DIE for!). I then came home and put on 2 coats of the glitterbomb, and now my nails are like... maybe radioactive candy? I don't know, but I love them!

Of course, we stopped off for groceries on the way home (because really? Us? Buy groceries at Whole Paychecks? Don't think so...) and of course, husband looked at me wrong and I had to fight off sobbing in the store the whole time we were there. Seriously, days like yesterday make me convinced I'm still PMSing. I tracked it for a while, and I swear it even happens fairly regularly every 4 weeks or so. Explain that one to me?

Then this morning I was off looking at blogs and went to make a comment. This particular blog had word verification on for commenting, and I cracked up at my particular word. It even inspired a cute little slogan. Some of you may appreciate it... and if not, bite me. It's my not-birthday.


So yea, blah. I've been up all night once again, and I'm just tired and moody and ... blah. But hey- I'm not dead yet. :D