Friday, January 14, 2011

I am SUCH a slacker!

I have to apologize for something. I had uber plans for today, I was going to do a set of black and white nails with varying patterns, something fun to do, something to stretch my skills, and regardless of how it turned out, it'd be good. Sometimes the disastrous manicures are the most fun to write about!

Things started well. I got out my polishes, and I stuck a set of fake nails on bamboo skewers. I was totally ready to go, but then I checked email. In my email was a message from Nails Magazine's Nail Art Gallery, showing me all the recent activity on my photos, as well as currently popular designs. "Hmm... I'll just pop over and look at a couple of things," I thought to myself. "It won't take long. I'll have plenty of time to finish the blog stuff."

Yea. Right. I looked at a few designs, then found one that absolutely knocked my socks off. Guys, I don't even know what to say about this one. It's so interesting, it's so well done, and I didn't have a CLUE as to how to start it. I sat looking at it for a few minutes, and I bet you will too!

Once I realized there was a tutorial video, I immediately opened a new tab and headed to youtube. I was hoping it would be easy to find the tutorial, that maybe she'd only have a few videos to watch. I had a feeling her videos would be both interesting and educational, and if there were only a few I'd have more time to do my own thing.

Instead, I got to her youtube channel and realized she had a lot of videos. Like, 111 videos right now, and she uploads more every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They're all really good too, from what I could tell. I haven't watched them all, but I've watched enough that I'm having problems picking out a favorite, or one to suggest you watch as the best. However, I think the one that stands out the most is also the one with the most views. Robin has created a video showing how she paints a high-contrast black and white portrait of Marilyn Monroe on an accent finger, as well as a silhouette of Marilyn's iconic scene in "The Seven Year Itch." It's simply stunning.

As if that wasn't enough of a time-sucker, I then wandered over to Robin's Facebook page, where I found not just nail art photos (volume 1 and volume 2, among others), but canvases she's painted. I was right... she's got some serious skill with a paintbrush! I found myself really drawn to her art, and something about her paintings really drew me in. I spent entirely too long looking at everything, not counting the time we spent commenting back and forth. She's as nice a person as she is talented, so I just have to say that today's lack of a blog post is all her fault!

I strongly recommend you go to her page, friend/follow/subscribe to her, and tell her that I said it's all her fault I didn't have a blog for today, because her stuff was just too darned interesting. Afterward, you too can lose an entire evening's work while you oooh and aaah over her videos. :D

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