Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WHEW!! They're finally finished- my non-bumpy, non-scratchy lace-embedded nails!

I am so excited to share this that I am almost speechless. I have finally finished the lace-embedded nails to a point that I would wear them happily. My lace nails are FINISHED! They're hard to photograph, but they're so cute! Yes, these babies have actual lace embedded into the finish, and yet there are no sharp pointy bits sticking off the edges, and no scratchy bits on top. They have all the beauty of lace, yet none of the irritating texture!

There are a few patterns in, because I didn't have enough lace to make them all identical. It's something to consider for next time if they sell. Also, I was unsure on the price. Do you think they're priced too low? Too high?

This was a serious learning curve. When I first attempted it, I was left with a nail that had lace bits poking out at the sides. Each bit would then soak up topcoat, becoming a tiny sharp barb that would make wearing these pretty much impossible, in my opinion. Add to that the texture of the actual lace on top and these were pretty, but unwearable for me. The solution?

Elbow grease. I wish I had a better answer for you, one that's fancy and high tech. But no... it came down to finding each little pokey part, trimming it as closely as I could, then filing it smooth with an emery board. Then I would take my buffing block and work through each step, until it was buffed to a glass-like shine. Tedious?

You have NO idea.

And yet, I wasn't finished. No... there was still that pesky lace texture to deal with. I bought a bottle of Seche Vite, hoping it would self-level all my problems away. It didn't. So... once again, I sanded those lumps and bumps away until I was left with a smooth surface, then buffed and polished them til they shined. What can I say, I'm determined. And look at them shine...

So yea... that's the big secret I've been holding on to. It's not something particularly special... it's just an amazing amount of work... mind-numbing, fingertip-erasing work. I've sanded my brains away, and for now, they're available for $24.95 through my Etsy shop. Here's hoping someone jumps on them, because I'd really love to make some more in other color combinations (black and red, anyone?), but I need the money from sales to buy more supplies! So go, look, and if you know someone who might be interested, maybe you could toss them a link? Thanks!!