Monday, September 12, 2011

Passing the time on YouTube

Since I'm effectively housebound for the next... however long, I find myself watching a lot of YouTube. We don't have TV, so I don't get to watch things on network or cable unless they're online and I have the initiative to hunt them down. In other words,  don't watch much TV. :D

Thankfully, I have a son who likes to pass me interesting links to music and video. In the past few days, he's sent me both music and comedy, and I'm so very happy about it I just had to share it with everyone. This stuff is great!

First, let me introduce to you an absolutely amazing artist named Josie Charlwood. This was my first exposure to the art of "looping," which basically means recording small segments of either voice or instrument music piece by piece, overlaying them until you've got an entire song going. It's insane... I've got years of musical experience (both vocal and instrumental) and I still can't even begin to comprehend how you would do this live. It's magic, pure and simple.

The most amazing part of this, to me, isn't that she's a gifted vocalist, or that she's playing several instruments, or that she writes her own music or that she's running an assortment of computer/technical doodads. No... the amazing thing is that she is only 17 years old! This chick is going places, mark my words.

Then, there's the comedy. It's been said that I'm the perfect audience because I'll laugh at anything. It's true, I laugh easily and often. But there are times when a comedian connects with me in such a visceral way that I'm left heaving soundlessly, tears dripping down my face as I fight for breath, fight to control my bladder so I don't make a mess and embarrass myself further. My husband loves when I get to this point, because it's uncontrollable joy, contagious and unrestrained.

Dara O'Briain (oh-BREEan) is one of those comedians. Again, my son passed me the link and told me I had to watch him as soon as possible. I've learned that when my son says this, it's almost sure to be something I'll enjoy. I then proceeded to spend the next hour watching various clips, laughing my head off, and forgetting the pain both in my knee and everywhere else. It was magical, and crude, and hysterically funny, and I'm really glad I found this guy. He's better than narcotics for pain relief!

So, let me share with you the first video he sent, the one that had me laughing so hard I had to pause in the middle of it and hobble to the bathroom to prevent a horrible mess.Be aware that he uses a LOT of crude language, so if you're at work or around people who don't particularly want/need to be exposed to the F word, you might want to wait for another time to watch this.


Ah well, my husband is waiting for me to be ready to watch a DVD with him, so I think I'll close this for now. Keep smiling, if you can.

Til next time!
Ohh, how I want to get active again!! Come on, knee...HEAL!
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