Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've posted my first video on YouTube! Have I lost my mind?

Holy CRAP, y'all... I've finally did it! I made the jump and I've made my first YouTube video. I have no idea how people do this so often. I was a total nervous WRECK!

But it's done, and it's up, and I just had to share with everyone! So, now you can see just how silly I am in RL, and just how much of a chatterbox I am. Oh, and I talk with my hands a lot. I didn't realize just how much til I saw this!

Be nice, y'all, and give me a thumbs up if you're so inclined. You know the rest, subscribe, comment, and don't forget to subscribe using the GFC stuff up there! Now... I've got to get some sleep. I've worn myself out with this!