Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shout Trigger- a well-loved staple for my family.

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shoutIf you've read this blog for very long, then you probably know that I'm fairly frugal. I try to save money every place I can, and I have no problem buying store brands for almost everything. Still, there are a few products that I always reach for the brand name, regardless of what else is cheaper. For whatever reason, these products always seem worth the money. For me, Shout® Trigger is one of those brands.

I've used it for years, mainly because my mom used it when I was still living at home with her. Once I moved out on my own I tried a few other brands but found myself wishing I'd bought Shout® instead. Once I had a child, I was amazed at just how many stains his clothes ended up with, but Shout® was always able to fix them right up.

See, I'm just nitpicky enough to really get annoyed with stains. Now that my son is older, his clothes are more likely to stay stain-free than my own. I seem drawn to messy media, and no matter what I'm working with, I end up with lots of it on me and my clothing. I end up with food stains, cosmetic stains, paint and ink and chalk stains... you name it, it seems we get them!

Thankfully there's Shout® Trigger! It's a stain remover that works in several ways, and it works in any temperature of water! It's safe for all your colorfast washables, and is packed with stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes that can really get into your stains and break them up.
That's another thing I like about it- Shout® works in three ways. First, it clings to your fabric, so that it can stay in contact with the stain. Second, it penetrates well so that it can get to the heart of the stain. Finally, it lifts your stains leaving your fabric stain-free! All this and it comes in a super-convenient trigger bottle so that you can put it just where you need it.

Other stain removers can have some of these qualities, but I've found it hard to find a stain treatment with everything I love about Shout® with enough of a price difference to make it worth buying anything else. Then again, Shout® is a brand I'm pretty loyal to. If you have a problem with stains, you'd probably benefit from using Shout® too!

I was recently sent a bottle of Shout® Trigger to try out again, so I could share my experiences with you. First, my husband used it on a shirt of his that's had a stain for a while. (We've been out of Shout®, so it's been a wear-at-home shirt.) Shout® removed the stain with no problem! Then I used it on several pieces I wear and the stains were all removed like they'd never been there! So much love for this product.

Another thing I really love is the time I save with Shout®. Instead of having to stand at the sink, scrubbing a stain with detergent or soap, rinsing and scrubbing and rinsing and scrubbing, I can simply spray on Shout® and leave it sit for a while. By the time I toss it into the wash, that stain's done for!

You're probably wanting to get some of your own now, and I don't blame you at all. The good news is that you can purchase Shout® Trigger at Walmart! Why not pick some up the next time you're there? I'm sure you can find something to do with the time you aren't spending scrubbing stains!

I was provided with a bottle of Shout Trigger for evaluation, and I was compensated for writing this post.
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