Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Experiments- Sponging With Gold

Mmmm, I love it when an experiment comes out nicely. I was experimenting the other day with various ways to liven up a neutral polish. I decided to go with simple things, and ended up absolutely falling in love with one of the looks. It isn't that the others aren't fun (except for that flower garden... it just did NOT work as I'd hoped it would!), but I am in LOVE with this look!

Do you see this? OMG, I love it. All I did was get a very inexpensive kitchen sponge (I think they were two for a dollar at the Dollar Tree) and cut it into a smaller manageable section. I made sure to get sponges with irregular-sized holes, instead of one with very small, uniform holes like a makeup sponge.

I put a base color of a nice, neutral taupe on my nails. Then once it was dry, I painted a coat of gold polish onto the sponge, then lightly touched it to my nail. That's it, and I was left with this gorgeous effect- sort of crackled, sort of granite-looking. I absolutely adore it!

What do you think- is this your sort of look? What would you add to this to make it pop more? 

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