Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Sweets- Cupcakes!

Another Sunday rolls around, and I've got more Sunday Sweets for you. After my nephew's birthday party last weekend, I've got cupcakes on my mind! I just had to go looking to see what sorts of cupcake goodies I could find!

First off, I found the cutest emery boards! They come in a set of three- one with stripes, one with bubbles, and one with cute little cupcakes. These are too cute, and the bright colors made me smile. Not bad, for $1.97!

Then for £2.99 there are the cupcake nail polish remover pads. They're supposed to smell like vanilla, but I'm not sure how much I believe that! But would it really matter? The container is SO CUTE!! I love the pink and the blue, I love the cupcake, I even love the fonts!

I know, I'm a sucker for cute. But this is a surprise?

Moving on, we've got the cupcake manicure set, with all the various little manicure tools that can wreak absolute havoc on our pretty nails. But honestly, would you buy this for the tools inside, or would you buy this for the absolute adorableness?

That's what I thought. It has SPRINKLES!! I think this is just the cutest little set, and it would be even better if it were handmade by someone awesome on Etsy, don't you think? Still, at $8.95 it's not horribly expensive, and it's so sweet!

Once you've got your nails all shaped and pretty, then what? Well, of course you paint your nails with the cupcake polishes set! For $8.00 you get six polishes with cupcakes on the bottles, along with separators for your toes, and a big cupcake tag to make gifting a breeze. Seriously, could it get any better than this?

Well, since you asked? Yea, yea it can. This cupcake pedicure set may only have two polishes, but its toe separators have cupcakes on them! Plus, you get a cupcake-shaped emery board, a vanilla frosting hand/foot cream, and cupcake nail decals, all for $12.99! I wish someone had sent me this for my birthday, because adult or not, I'd have had a ball with this set! Ah well... it was still a good day.

I honestly am surprised I found so much fun cupcake manicure stuff, but it was so much fun to track down! This makes me look forward to next Sunday's Sweets. What would you like to see- cute nail art? High end products? Maybe a hunt for your favorite animal? Leave suggestions in the comments, and I might just see what I can find for you!

Til next time!
♥ Laynie