Monday, September 3, 2012

Post-Isaac update

Good news- Hurricane Isaac was mostly a non-event for us! Although my dad's house regained power a couple of days after the storm, we didn't our power fixed until a couple of hours ago. Whee, hurricanes. The good news is, we only had a few branches down from the storm, and our houses took no major damage. :D

Now we get to do fun things like clean up the yard and clean up the refrigerator that's been without power for a week. Boy, we're looking forward to that. I expect to wipe out a burgeoning ecosystem when we get to the fridge.

Click this to see it full-sized. It's worth it!
The best part about being at dad's this week has been the wildlife. Dad's got 20 acres, so we're surrounded by lots of nature! We got awful pictures of deer, and no picture of the bunnies or the foxes. My husband spent a lot of time outside by the hummingbird feeder, and got some amazing shots like these!

He also got some amazing video that I'm hoping to upload to YouTube. It was like having the nature channel on my camera!! :D

How amazing is that photo? You can see the little feathers on its feet, and the separation of its beak! They're such tiny little animals, around the size of my thumb. I love watching them, and at times there would be 8 or 10 birds around one feeder. So crazy, and so amazing!

So, we're off home this evening once the house cools off, and hopefully I'll stop flaring once I'm home. I'd hoped to get so much accomplished this week, but about all I could manage was lying in bed reading and hoping I would stop hurting.

Ah well. Spoons, right?

Hummingbirds are amazing. :D
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