Monday, July 25, 2011

Franken Fun- My Magic Bus

I had the strangest night. I finally seem to be getting over the cold I've had for the past three weeks, so my family and I went out to the bookstore to get out of the house for a bit. We got home around 9pm and I immediately hopped onto my computer to update the blog.

But as I was opening images to crop, I saw the art doll I've been working on lately. I realized she needed more trimming and shaping, so I pulled out my supplies and got going on that. Once she was a little more to my liking, I took photos of her so I could keep track of things. But then I realized I had more things to photo for the blog, and figured I might as well shoot them at the same time since I had the camera out.

Fast forward to 7am, when I realize I've revamped the art doll twice, started not only a head for her but a new doll as well, started two paper mache candlesticks, redone a necklace to better suit my tastes, cleaned out my purse, photo'd lots of nail art, shot two or three videos for the blog, reorganized my nail art brush box and my paper mache supplies box, torn new paper strips for the new paper mache goodies, transferred my new bottle of acetone into the bottle I prefer, cut down that bottle into more storage for tall thin things...

... and I looked at the clock and shouted, "Holy CRAP, when did it become 7am??"

My husband, ever the smartass, replied, "About 2 minutes ago." He's so helpful. :D

And so here it is, almost 11am and I'm just now getting to the blog update I started 14 hours ago. I haven't slept, I've barely eaten, but oh how satisfied I feel right now!

However, since I didn't do anything new I'll show you a franken I made several weeks back. I've been admiring OPI's My Private Jet for quite some time, but I am much too frugal to consider buying it. Even if I had the spare cash to spend on it, I'd much prefer to throw that toward something else. So, enter a splash of black, a lot of clear, and some Gosh Holographic.

I love the photo of the bottle. The color is a touch off, for some odd reason, but the sparkles are GORGEOUS! Then again, I do have quite a thing for rainbows. Just in case you don't want to zoom in on it, let me show you a bit of that gorgeous holo sparkle...

Is that delicious or what? The best part? These photos were taken after midnight in my poor bedroom... I can't wait to put this on and take it for a ride outside. This baby is going to sing in the sunlight, I think!

If you're interested in mixing up your own version of this stunner, it's fairly simple as long as you have the right base. You'll need a very holographic polish- something like China Glaze OMG or Gosh Holographic works beautifully. I wish I could tell you a ratio, but it really depends what polishes you're using. My suggestion would be to put about half a bottle of clear, a healthy dollop of holo polish, and then add your black one drop at a time. It really doesn't take much black to completely mask the holographic glitter/shimmer, so it's easier to add it bit by bit than to end up wasting your holo polish in plain old black!

So, if you're anything like me, you're wondering what this looks like on. In a word? YUMMY! It's hard to see the pretty rainbow in this unless you click the picture to enlarge it. Good thing I'm nice enough to do a zoomed-in shot of it! Just look...

Keep in mind, that pic on the right there? Yep... shot after midnight with ambient room lighting. Can you imagine what this would do in the sun? I'm almost hyperventilating thinking about it!! Don't worry, eventually I'll get a shot or three of this in bright daylight, full sunlight so we can all appreciate just how gorgeous a charcoal holo can be. :D

But for now? I'm looking at the clock and it's almost 11:30 and I am finally starting to get a bit sleepy. YAY SLEEPS!!

... who am I kidding, I'll be up before 2. Still, even naps are better than nothing! Keep your chins up, kids, and I'll catch ya on the flip side!

Til next time!
It may not be a private jet, but I'm not complaining...
See my disclosure statement for more information.