Monday, January 31, 2011

Lumene- Make Impact

I realized last night that while I showed you how to apply water decals, I didn't tell anyone what that lovely polish was. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to send some love to Scandalously Polished, who happened to have a Twitter contest one night. I won, and was excited. I mean, hey, who doesn't love winning things, right?

She sent a phenomenal package of goodies, including this sweet polish by Lumene. I'm not sure where it's from, but it's absolutely lovely. It looks holo in some lights, and you can see it in the single-nail test I did. Really you can...

... can't you? Am I imagining it? *laughs* Who knows...but it certainly is beautiful. I'm not a big pinks person, but I wore this one for several days without complaint. I even got compliments from my mom on it!

Then again, she's more of a traditional-type polish person. I think purple's about as weird as she's gonna go. My rainbow nails tend to make her raise her eyebrows, and when I wear black, she says, "Blech!"

I enjoyed wearing this polish, and applied the water decals when the polish had been on for two or three days. You can see there was just a hint of tipwear, no chipping or anything. Overall, I like it a lot, and I can see me wearing this again when I have to act like a normal grown-up, instead of the overgrown fashion-addict I am on the inside!

So what do you think? Does pink suit me, or am I more of a lime green, rainbows and kooky colors sort of girl?

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