Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oooh, New "Soft Stamp" Nail Stamping System- Very Cool!

I know, I know. I've become a bit obsessed with this whole nail art thing. I do that, sorry. But I have found the coolest new thing and I just have to share it with y'all! I'm sure if you've tried Konad, you know that it's not as easy as it looks. Scraping and stamping, getting a clean print and transferring that print to your nails without it going smeary and wonky can be really tough to do!

But tonight I was surfing the web because I've got insomnia again, and I found this "Soft Stamp" system. It looks really interesting! There's no scraping, and you can use ANY polish with it, even glitters! (At least, that what the ads say... :D)

These stamps are made of rubber, and you end up letting the polish dry partially before applying it to your nail. That seems to me like it would make getting a clear transfer a lot easier! You can also layer colors, so that you have more than one or two colors in a design! The abilities with this system are so intriguing!

I've composited several of the image plates into an image so you can see what types of images are available. They're cute cute, plus there are a few really unique images that Konad just doesn't have anything like.

For example, just look at A27. I think anyone could get full coverage on any nail, even big toes! Plus, the opportunity for multiple colors, for gradients, for just plain creative fun... I'm just itching to play with these! You can use just a flower, just a leaf, a section of vine... use whatever you want, you've got plenty of options!

I'm including the sample of designs made with A27. They're so cute! You can see how some flowers are done with multiple colors, and some are all one color. I love the white on black, and the grapes are so adorable! See why I wanna play with it??

There's a large selection of stamps, as well as combination packs that come with both 2 stamps and polishes. I'm pretty impressed with the whole deal, actually. Just look at the sorts of designs you can make!

They're available in several places: on eBay and from Alexander Cosmetics, and apparently they're sold at the Face Shop. I can't vouch for any of those, of course. I wish I had the money to get a few of these to experiment with. That'll have to wait, though, until I get a few Etsy sales. Ahhh, the life of a poor starving artist! ;)

Til next time, my lovelies!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects- The Coolest Thing to Hit Drugstores Since Penicillin!

Oh. My. Dogs in heaven. I saw the COOLEST thing tonight... Wait. Let me back up.

My husband and I go walking every day. Sometimes we go during daylight hours, sometimes we go at night. But every day we walk, and we often walk at WalMart, because it's large, it's climate-controlled, and I get a buggy to hold on to while I'm walking if I need it, and if I get too fibro'd out I can get a scooter to scoot my way back to the car. While we're there, I look at goodies that interest me.

Tonight we were walking and I found a big Sally Hansen display in the middle of the walkway. I stopped to look, but the polishes didn't really interest me all that much. But my husband had meandered to the other side of the display, where he said, "Oh my. Laynie, honey... you need to see this. You're really going to like this."

I had no idea what he was talking about, but generally if he says that, he's right. He knows me very well. So I walked around to the other side of the display, where I immediately got so excited I lost all ability to speak coherently.

What did I find that was so darned exciting? Lovelies, I found the most exciting thing I've seen in drugstore cosmetics that I've seen in AGES. I found the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.

Do you see this? Do you see how utterly stupendous these are? Look at those patterns- there are pretty normal neutral colors, there are fluorescent colors, there are glitters, there are glorious patterns the likes of which I've only seen with MINX. The photo above is only a small sampling of the section I saw tonight!

I saw pink camouflage, multicolored multi-size glitter, denim, lace, fishnet... too many to list here! I am absolutely DYING to try these, seriously. I cannot WAIT!! They sell for $8.50 at WalMart. I'm not sure of the price at other locations.

What do you think of these? Are you interested in trying them out?