Saturday, July 3, 2010

Questions, questions...

I've always been weird. I know this for a fact, I've always looked at things as what they might be, instead of what they are. So while I can love all the new nail polish shades, the nail art goodies, etc, I also look at other things and think, "What if I put this on there instead..."

Do you do this? Do you stick to nail polish only, or do you look around at things on totally different departments and think, "Hey, I could use that for texture!" or "That would look AWESOME on my nails!" Do you look at the various bits and bobs to see what can be cross-purposed as nail bits?

For example, the rhinestones on my nails in the 4th July manicure aren't from a nail art kit. They're pre-glued rhinestones from a cell phone/laptop/planner decoration kit. However, when you compare them to the rhinestones I got in a different nail art kit, the only difference is the color and the glue. Plus, I got them on MAJOR sale... 30 cents at Office Depot. I didn't know what I would use them for, but they were too pretty to pass up!

I also use acrylic paints on my nails often. I've heard of/seen people using fabric paints, various glitters, labels from various candies, etc. I'm always looking at things, wondering if I could use them in a different way than they were intended to be used.

So tell me- what's the strangest thing you've put on your nails? Is there anything you wouldn't use?

Also- go check out the Hungry Asian's giveaway, it is a CRAZY amount of polishes! 17 polishes and a pack of artificial nails! But first, leave me a comment about what you do... I'm hoping I'm not the only one who sees the world as a variety of art materials just waiting to be used!


  1. You are not alone. I do this all the time but not just with nails. I do it with everything from jewelry, clothes, shoes well I'll put it this way... My husband will hide his stuff if he thinks I might be eyeing it for a "project". lol

    I had a fun contest a while backthat was just this. It was a no nail product manicure contest. It was awesome.

  2. Oooh, Evil Angel, that contest sounds so cool!! Although I like having a topcoat on top. Other than that, anything goes!

    Yea, my husband is the same way. Then again, he's also like I am, so sometimes we go on shopping trips that end up with us trying to ask salespeople what we're looking for, and watching their faces as they're trying to figure out what the hell we're talking about. A lot of times they ask, "Wait, what are you asking about? What is it used for?"

    Then we have to explain that no, we don't know what it's actually SUPPOSED to be used for, but we want to use it for a project. You can tell they just shake their heads at us most of the time, but now and then we get someone who gets it. That's FUN! :D

    I've had people ask me how I come up with stuff. I tell them the problem isn't coming up with ideas, it's with turning them off so I can sleep! Picking a single project out to work on can also be a pain!


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