Friday, August 20, 2010

Buying Nail Polish On Sale- What Can You Find?

A friend of mine IMd me yesterday to tell me she'd finally found the hidden nail polish at her local Walgreens. Turns out she'd been wandering through the cosmetics department without ever thinking about finding the clearance items. That's a great way to miss out on very economical items!

For example, several months ago I was digging through the clearance section and found a little gift package of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure minis. It was very cute, but most of all it was very inexpensive. I think it was selling for $2? Something in that range, while the retail price of the package was $10. However, some of the polish minis had been swapped out. What does that mean?

It's a little easier to explain with photos, I think. Basically, someone had swapped out two bottles of polish they didn't want for two they did, leaving me with a pack of polishes I really like!

So overall, I think it worked out splendidly! I love vampy colors, and I was really wanting some gold and silver polishes. I'd like to get some more metallic colors, but hey, this was a great start, especially for only $2! I've also found Incoco dry nail polish appliques for $1, as well as several other polishes ranging from 25 cents to two-three dollars.

So remember, next time you're at Walgreens, be sure to walk around the aisle or two near cosmetics. There might be an endcap filled with clearance goodies, and there might be a color or three that you want to grab for awesome sale prices!

Tell me, lovelies, what sorts of clearance polishes have you found, and where?


  1. Also watch online clearances and shipping sales. WalMart has cosmetic online and often do penny or .98 shipping. Walgreen, Superdrug, Riteaid and CVS all have online deals as well.
    I am a serious bargain hunter. lol

  2. Sally Hansen for 2 dollars!
    Great price!

    I went to Debenhams a few days ago and saw some Rimmel polishes for about 2 euro.
    However they were those french manicure colors which I do not like, so I didn't buy them.

  3. The place where I go that has the best prices is CVS... they're constantly running sales. If you have an extra care card you can get coupons based on your past sales... which means sometimes you can get nail polish coupons! Rite Aid also has a lot of sales.

    I also went to Walgreens for the first time EVER last weekend. Their prices on some polishes are better than they are at other drug stores.

  4. I find clearance polishes at CVS and ULTA mostly. For CVS, I use my Extra Care Bucks and at ULTA it's those $3.50 off $10 ones you get with the flyer ads. Sally Beauty Supply stores always have some marked down but I like to wait for their extra 50% off weekends or use it with a % off coupon they may have in the mail or something.

  5. Hey Laynie, this picture shows the difference the most:

    But yeah, shimmer mostly you see shine that's not a creme polish for the most part. Glitter has regular glitter in different colors and sizes. Glass fleck falls in between really but is mainly cause of the type of glitter, it's giving the finish a glass-like look or shimmer. The shine or shimmer in shimmer polishes is really fine, enough to give that shine that differentiates it from other finishes like creme.

    I hope that makes more sense. Sorry that I can't explain it more than this really. Pictures are really the best way to go (you can tell even better in person).

  6. I love you guys so much- you've all got great ideas for shopping wisely!!

    Also, thank you so much, Kitty, for showing me that. I think I finally get it! You're awesome! :D


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