Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exhausted, so it's a quick one.

Patience, so they say, is a virtue. Unfortunately, I don't know who they are, or I'd tell them to kiss my heinie. I've never been terribly patient, and yesterday was no exception. My family and I were on our way out the door to go to the bookstore when I saw that I had a package.

I had nail mail!!

I couldn't wait. I grabbed the box and opened it while we were going down the road, giggling and squealing as I saw each carefully wrapped parcel. My prize from the Dainty Darling Digits Go Green giveaway has finally arrived! (Don't worry, there will be pics later, once I've had some sleep!) Once I got home, I couldn't just put the polishes away. I had to go through and play with them, test some, see if any of them work with stamping. (Lots do, btw... but that's yet another post to come!)

Unfortunately, I tend to have my own style when I swatch. I don't do a whole hand, or even a whole nail usually. I end up with bits here, bits there. I sometimes have three or four colors on a single nail. Tonight's was even odder, because I ended up stamping over most of the nails just to look at different combinations. What's the use of having all those polishes if you can't play with them?

After seeing my manicure, my husband suggested I take pictures for the blog. He said it's too interesting a look not to share. Personally, I think that means he wants everyone who reads my blog to be able to laugh at my awful swatching too. But you know?

I'm ok with that. :D

So here you go... my horrible swatchicure.

Remember, lovelies, when you do something silly like this to your nails? There's a really good chance you're going to have to go in public like this. People will stare, especially if you've got a headless purple dinosaur spewing blood on your fingernail.

Ok, I know someone's going to ask. I was testing stamps, and I had one of the Hot Topic plates out and ready to go. Well, once I saw the purple stamped so well, I *HAD* to stamp the dinosaur with it. Except that I missed, and his head didn't actually stamp so well onto my nail. So I was stuck with a mostly-headless dinosaur! Now, tell me you wouldn't have grabbed your red art striper and painted blood drops all around him! I know I certainly couldn't resist!

Ok, I need sleep. It's been a long stressful night, and I just want to lie down and go blank for a while. Much love to you all, my lovelies, and may you have a more peaceful day than I had night!


  1. wow, i am so impressed by how well the purple stamped!

  2. OPI, Sydney is my favourite out of the bunch <3
    Not the biggest fan of the green though.
    Too neon for my taste.

    Congrats ^^

  3. jbrobeck- Me too! Actually, the purple acted just like the special Konad polishes I've seen used. Crazy, because it's not all that thick, it's just super pigmented and works like a dream! It also was beautifully opaque in one coat on my pinkie finger.

    AnnKiins- I got the green mainly for nail art, instead of using it as a base color. I'm not sure how I like it really, but it's a fun color. I really like the OPI Sydney too- I think it looked nice with my skin tone.


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