Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Giveaway Roundup

That's right, boys and girls, it's time for another giveaway roundup! This one's shorter than the last, perhaps, but it's just as sweet. You never know when you'll get the email saying, "You won!"You can't win if you don't enter, right?

For the record, I got one of those a few days ago, and I was giddy for the entire day. It's amazing how wonderful winning free nail polish can make someone feel! I keep running to my mailbox (well, metaphorically, maybe) to see if my package is here. I'm such a kid!

First up is an incredible giveaway by Painted Lady Fingers. This giveaway is sponsored by Chez Delaney, who is giving you your choice of 8 image stamping plates! The winner gets to choose 8 plates from any that are in stock, and they'll be shipped to you directly from Chez Delaney. Sweet deal, yes? But hurry, it ends August 14, 2010.

If you like Zoya polishes, then Polish & Kona has a giveaway for you. They've teamed with Zoya to give a lucky winner three nail polishes (winner's choice) along with a bottle of Remove+. Ends August 15, 2010.

Also with the incredible is Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss, as she's giving away not only two old-school Urban Decay polishes (twisted & strip) but also two duochrome holographic polishes she frankened herself. These are seriously unreal, and you've got to see them for yourself. I just have no words. Ends August 16, 2010.

Then there's Lacquer Cocktail's giveaway. Two lucky winners will receive a Konad stamper set plus 2 Konad stamping polishes in the winners' choice of colors. I have no Konad special polishes, so you know I'm entering this one! Ends August 20, 2010.

Speaking of Stamping, Steffie at At My Fingertips is hosting what she calls a Teeny Tiny Giveaway. She's got a set of three Essence stampy image plates to give away to a lucky recipient, and they are SO CUTE! Ends August 22, 2010.

But don't forget Mary at Body and Soul's giveaway of a complete set of Orly Cosmic FX, Essie's Fall Collection, and Color Club's Untamed Luxury. That's a total of 25 amazing colors of nail polish. Ummm, I can't even think of something to say about this, other than incomprehensible babbling.

Next up is Magic Maid's insane giveaway of twenty-three polishes, along with a cute selection of California Mango products. WOW! The lucky winner will receive sweet items like China Glaze Matte Magic, China Glaze Atlantis, Borghese Stellare Notte, Orly Solid Gold, OPI Midnight In Moscow, and Sinful Colors Serena and Chloe, just to name a few. Really, you're going to pass this chance up? I'm not! Ends September 3, 2010.

Finally, Look at them pretty colors!!! is giving away a totally kick-butt prize package of 17 nail polishes, including the complete Penelope Pitstop collection by Risqué and Colorama : Absinto (a possible Chanel Jade dupe). This is such a range of pretty colors. Plus, they're Brazillian polishes, so you get to add an international flair to your polish collection! Ends September 8, 2010.

If you're entering, good luck! If not, have a fantastic day!


  1. Hello :)

    thanks for posting about my giveaway!!

  2. nice blog!
    please visit my blog if you have time and follow me!
    i have a giveaway,too!

  3. Good on you for taking the time to wrangle these all together. :)

  4. Sarah- You're welcome, and thank you for hosting it!

    MaRyya- thanks!

    Anita- I figure if I'm entering, I may as well share the chance to win!


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