Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am one exhausted fashionista...

I'm so very very sorry. I was actually planning to post tonight. But after spending the entire day with my 9-year-old nephew and my 6-year-old niece, I am exhausted. My fibromyalgia is fibroing, my brain is fuzzy, and I am pooped. We spent the afternoon playing Pokemon, then went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. After eating, my niece and I went wandering through the shop, looking at dollhouses and glowing glitter batons, at dresses and hats and halloween costumes. As we were flipping through one particularly rack, she said to me...

"Wow, Aunt Laynie, this is SO FUN! It's like we're fashionistas out shopping for the day!"

I couldn't have summed up better myself. We now have a date next weekend to spend the day doing our nails together, doing each other's makeup. I realize now that this is a very special thing, and I'm very much looking forward to it. I'll be konading her nails and taking pictures of them for the blog. I cannot wait. :D

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