Friday, July 2, 2010

Petites - Dare

Some days are just too good to be true. I've been lemming for a blue flaky polish for absolute AGES now, and whining to my husband about it sadly. Right now, I'm not able to send off for any of the Nfu-Oh polishes, no matter how much I'd love to. So until then, I've been dreaming wistfully, and drooling over pictures online.

Until last night. We'd gone for a walk at our local WalMart and decided to wander through the clearance department. I'm *SO* glad we did, because there in a small box of clearance cosmetics, mixed in among the off shades of MaryKate and Ashley blushes and who-knows-how-old lip glosses was a bottle of Petites polish in Dare.

It was such a pretty shade of blue, and with the Fourth of July coming up so quickly, I decided to carry it with me through the store while we walked, considering if I really wanted to buy it. Yea, it was on clearance, and it's not terribly expensive to begin with, but I've found that carrying something with me for a while lets me decide if I really want to buy it, or if it's just one of those spur-of-the-moment purchases.

But the more I looked at it and saw how glittery and perfect the color was, the more I realized I wanted to bring this little polish home with me. It was perfect for a patriotic manicure, and it was totally the right price. But once I got home and started to apply it I started looking more closely at it. Could it be, I wondered? Are those really little flakies?!

It IS! Beautiful little flakes of glitter, mixed in with a mix of tiny microglitters in shades of silver, teal, and pink, of all colors, float in a gorgeous sheer blue that builds to opacity in three coats. I can't stop looking at it. And most of all, I am loving the fact that I almost put this little gem back on the shelf!

Every now and then I make a good decision! ;)

That prompted today's mani. I wanted something patriotic, but not too over-the-top. I wanted to use the ZOMG gorgeous blue, along with my favorite red glitter polish.. Actually, I pulled out something like 10 bottles, trying to figure out what to use.

I settled on Petites Dare for the blue, Heaven Nail Lacquer for the red, my Art Deco white striper, and an unnamed Sally Hansen Salon silver that came in a 5-pack of minis that I got on sale. The silver did an awesome job of covering the red and white stripes in one coat... talk about fantastic!

Finally I added a single rhinestone (albeit a rather large one!) onto each nail, mainly to cover up the white dot I screwed up on the tip of my left hand. You would know I messed up the one I could paint easily! But whatever... it worked out. :D

Wow, what a giveaway!

I know, I'm posting a lot of giveaways. But really, I wanna share the fun, and who wouldn't want to win this selection of goodies? Susie of Susie's Home and Hobbies is giving away a super collection of goodies- nail polishes, a stamping set, nail polish remover pads, and a 27 piece Elf makeup kit!

Not bad, and it's for a good cause. She's trying to help get her son's band a chance to open for KISS! Heck, I'd be excited for that chance! So go on, help her out and get a chance to win this sweet haul! The giveaway ends when the voting ends, which as far as I can tell is July 30 or 31. You've got a month, but don't put it off...

<3, Laynie