Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy busy busy!

Oh my goodness, I am a crazy busy little bee! I've been finishing up sets of acrylic tips, simply because I adore them!! I can't do my own nails and be happy with it, no. That's not enough to satisfy my OCDness. No, I have to work on three sets at once...

But they are sweet. I don't even have the energy to write much right now, after dealing with the twenty-some odd photos I took of these. I forgot to take photos of the sets all together, so I have even more photos to take. I am a GOOBER, y'all! But just look... I has pictures!! Remember, you can click them and make them bigger!

This is all silver holographic glitter goodness! No polish to name, it's just glitter I had mixed in with clear topcoat. It was a beast to work with, but omg, I love it!

Gradient nails, from blazing red to hot pink. Then, kissed with a holographic topcoat. Does it get better than this?

Mmmm, rainbow nails. I wasn't sure about these, because they looked REALLY bad until I got the topcoat on. But once I added the holographic top coat, they came together and now I absolutely ADORE them!! This is serious rainbow love for your fingertips, and it's total magic!

Wow! Feels good to get that out and over with! Now, tomorrow I photo all the sets out and together, 20 nails per set. Yes, that's 60 nails I've finished up today, which feels AWESOME!! (Of course, I've been working on them for several days, but who's counting?)