Friday, August 13, 2010

Gosh Rainbow over Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost

Hi again! Lots of craziness at Chez Laynie, and I'm having such fun documenting it all. Around the blog, there have been a few changes- I've added a box on the left so you can ask me questions at Formspring! I don't know how well that's going to work, or if I'm going to keep it, but hey, it's a good start, right? Also, I've incorporated Google ads to the blog. Don't worry, there are no big flying graphics or blinky things to annoy you. But if you see something interesting in the text ads, feel free to click. I've already seen a couple of things I'd like to click!

I've also added a counter for my feedburner (holy wow, I had no idea so many people had signed up!!) as well as a cute widget showing off my Etsy listings. Not sure if I'll keep the Etsy one. What do you think? Is it a keeper? Ah well... let's get to the nails, shall we?

Oh my gosh, this has been the HARDEST look to photograph!! Seriously, I have taken more photos of my nails this time than I think I ever have, and that's saying something! Of course, that means you have to look at more pictures, but hey... it could always be worse, right? I could have broken more nails, or...

...oh wait, I did. Meh, no big deal. Worst case scenario, I always have nail tips, right? :D

Ugh, I'm all over the place right now! Let's start at the beginning, shall we? As soon as I picked up Eggplant Frost, I knew it needed a coat of Gosh Rainbow over it. I wanted to see how the deep warm purple affected the Rainbow flakies. (For the record, Gosh Rainbow and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure are dupes... one has slightly larger flakes, but there's no real reason to own both, other than the fun of it!)

So, after wearing Wet n Wild Eggplant Frost for a day, I put a single coat of Gosh Rainbow over the top, then a layer of topcoat. This stuff was so insanely pretty that I simply couldn't stop looking at my fingers, watching the colors change as the angle of the light did. My husband laughed at me on more than one occasion for being lost in thought, just looking at my nails...

I also need to apologize for these first photos. I was so excited about this combination that I decided I had to take pics for twitter, even though I hadn't even cleaned up and was still oily from my quick-dry topcoat. (Speaking of, that's a post for another day... I'd be LOST without it, and it's cheap!) So the first few pictures are sloppy and embarrassing, but they show the colors so well. Forgive me?

The next day I went outside and sat on my front steps with my cameras, taking photo after photo, trying to get a video to show how this stuff interacts with the light. No go, though... the videos were all blurry, and utterly useless. I haven't given up on video yet, I'm just not at a point I can do it well enough. I'll get there, though, and as soon as I do, you'll see video!

I imagine the neighbors must have thought I was insane, sitting on my steps taking photos of my hands. I often wonder what my neighbors think. Once I'd gone to visit my dad, who lives at the end of a dead end, and there was the cutest turtle just sitting there in the road. I had my husband stop the car, grabbed my camera, and soon was lying in the road, camera on the ground, taking face-to-face photos of the turtle.

Before long, one of the neighbors came out of her house, terrified. She asked if we needed her to call 911, so that an ambulance could come. She must have thought he hit me with the car! We both said no, everything's fine, there's a turtle in the road! She looked at us as if we'd lost our minds...

Maybe she's right. I have more stories like that than the average person should, I think, but it's fun. I wouldn't want to change the way I do things... it's what makes me me!

My poor camera, though... it had the worst time trying to photo this combo. You really do need to enlarge at least a couple of photos, if for no other reason than to see the amount of sheer amazingness. The purple shimmer in the Eggplant Frost seemed to really step up with the Rainbow flakes, so there was an amazing amount of just ... I don't know. Prettiness? Downright crazy understated blingy goodness? Sexiest nail treatment since holographic polishes? I have no idea, I guess... I'm totally at a loss for words, at least coherent ones!

 So yea, I consider this to have been a very successful layering experiment. But do I stop here? Heh... those of you who follow me on twitter will know the answer to that one! Tomorrow, my lovelies... tomorrow you'll get to see what else I did to this!