Monday, September 13, 2010

Everyone Needs A Manicure Kit!

I am not an organized person. Don't get me wrong- I try to be. I have great ideas, and I plan out how I'm going to really do it this time, but then the next time I go to look for nail clippers I realize they aren't where I left them last. Then I'm stuck digging in drawers and looking on shelves, and wondering just who had them last and what they did with them. However, this all changed recently.

The folks at KISS were kind enough to send me their Professional Manicure Kit for evaluation purposes. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and I have to say I am really pleased with it. It's come in handy several times already, and has proven absolutely priceless when I'm working on nail tips. It's also wonderful to use when you're frankening, but I'll get to that in a bit.

When you take everything out of the kit, you find there's a tray with items tightly pressed into it, as well as a few items behind the tray. While the tray is in use, the kit is jam-packed so tightly that I wondered how well everything would fit! There are the obvious bits- clippers, a sapphire file, cuticle nippers, manicure scissors. There are also things which are nice to have- the 4-sided buffing block, the large emery board, and the metal cuticle pusher. Finally, there are cuticle sticks, small emery boards, and a cute little nail brush with soft bristles.
Once I freed everything up, though, I found that it all fits wonderfully, with room for more stuff should you need it. I have needed to put more stuff in since I took these photos, and it's working out beautifully!

Looking at the various contents, they're not all of super-high quality, but most of the contents are really nice and usable. The emery boards are a bit rough for natural nails, but that's the case with all emery boards. I generally use them anyway, then go over it with the buffer block to smooth out those microtears on my nails. It works for me, usually. The clippers are fine, the manicure scissors are fairly light, but work extremely well. The metal cuticle pusher seems a bit rough, but I don't think I'd use it for that purpose. The buffing block is wonderful, and I really like the nail brush.

I'd like to make one request, though. The are lots of blogs about how to manage your cuticles. I never thought mine could be pretty until I started using cuticle remover, but I haven't cut mine once. I believe cutting your cuticles is unnecessary and can be unsanitary, and I don't intend to cut mine anymore. My request? I'd like to ask you to read what these ladies have to say about cuticle care, and reconsider what you're doing. If you're comfortable cutting afterward, then at least you've thought about it. :D

Finally, I'll end on a lighter note, now that I've frowned at you about cutting your cuticles! This single tool may be my favorite from the entire manicure kit. I don't think I'll be using it on my cuticles, but I have used it to clean under my nails. It's also the absolute perfect size to use as a scoop to pull out glitter or pigments when you're frankening polishes. It works to stir as well, and cleans up with no problem at all. I love it so much!!

Overall, this set is totally worth $9.99 at your local shops. You can keep it with you if you get your nails done at a salon so they can use your own tools. Or you can simply keep it at home like I do, keeping all your manicure goodies safe!

Do you have a manicure kit? What's in it? What's your favorite tool for doing your own manicure?

Manicure kit was provided by PR for evaluation.