Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dressing Up GOSH Black Passion: Layering

Oops, looks like Kim Kardashian's boobs sort of postponed my information about changing up GOSH's Black Passion! Who knew they were so influential? Crazy!

Ah well, back to the polishes, shall we? I decided to try one of the Revlon Glimmer Glosses over the top of Black Passion to see what it would look like. Since I'm a sparkle addict, I went for Grapefruit Glimmer.

As you can see, the pale pink turned into an almost-lavender shimmer that is absolutely beautiful! The depth on this polish is something you have to see to believe... I was speechless!

This closeup gives a hint of the depth. It's worth enlarging to see the sparkle, in my opinion. The charcoal and silver of the Black Passion peeks through the pink Grapefruit Glimmer, creating this lovely play of shimmer that is captivating!

(I'm sure you can't tell at all how wonderfully interesting I found this polish. I've been told for years that I need to work on opening up, on letting my inner feelings show through. [/sarcasm])

This last photo was taken using available light instead of flash. Can you see how fun this is? I loved this combination so much! I had no idea a sheer topcoat could be so much fun!

So tell me, what do you think of this combination? Is this a shade you would wear? Does it need something more- more interesting, more intense, more... whatever? Leave me a comment telling me what you think of it!