Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More experimental nails...

If you've been following me on Twitter, you know I've been fighting with insomnia. I still am, and so I'm going to make today's post short and sweet. Yay for experimental nails!

This is a very strong graphic print. I used black, white, and silver to keep the tone monochromatic. I like the look, it's sort of edgy with a 3d pop thanks to the studs and stars.

This one includes basic white polish from Fantasy Makers (woohoo for $0.49 clearance sales!), a black Art Deco striper ($1 at the Dollar Tree!), silver Sally Hansen Salon Pedal to the Metal, various silver glitter stripers (Art Deco Silver Glitter, KISS Rock Star), and a silver Art Deco striper. It also has iridescent white/pink cutout stars and black studs from Viva la Nail to add a bit of dimensional pop. It's all sealed and topped off with a couple of coats of China Glaze Fast Forward topcoat.

KISS Rock Star, white stars and black studs were provided by the manufacturers for evaluation.

This nail was an experiment using various stripers over a metallic base. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but it is fun. I did the animated gif so that you could see the entire nail. I think it has a grafitti feel to it, rather funky and fun.

I used one coat of Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pen in Metallic Turquoise as a base, then topped that with one coat China Glaze Fast Forward just to protect it. Then I added stripes and dots using various stripers. Stripers were Art Deco in white, bright green, yellow, and pink and KISS Nail Art Nail Paint in pearl blue and red.

The Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pen and the KISS Nail Art Nail Paints were provided by the companies for evaluation.

Finally, I did a nail I called the Golden Princess look. I wanted to play with the idea of using glitter pieces as a tile to cover sections of the nail for a glamorous, truly blingy look. I used a s

Unfortunately, once I got them to this point, I felt as if they weren't quite finished. I spoke with a friend who gave me an idea on how to finish it.

I simply added a spaced line of the glitter sequins down either side of the glitter stripe down the center of the nail and it emed to finish the nail. Unfortunately my camera didn't quite capture the color truly on the second photo, but you still get the idea.

Supplies used: Zoya Tiffany, Sally Hansen Salon Gilty Pleasure, KISS Gold Glitter, Viva La Nail gold sequins.

Zoya Tiffany, KISS Gold Glitter, & Viva La Nail gold sequins were provided for consideration.

So, the question now becomes do I create any of these as full sets... what do you think? :D