Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trails of Stardust Shimmer On the Night's Wind

Turns out I forgot to post the photos for my Stardust nails when I posted my video. So I'm sharing them today, along with a funny I couldn't resist tweeting earlier. See, I did my favorite Halloween activity yesterday- halloween clearance shopping! Costumes and makeup kits are half off, and I can't resist them!

I didn't buy much. I grabbed a bottle of the black and orange glitter polish I'd been drooling over and a set of purple false lashes with top and bottom lashes. I didn't see anything funny until this morning when I read the back of the packaging.

There in two languages is the warning, in all caps. WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW. Not for human consumption. Is this really a problem? Have people been mistaking them for dietary supplements? I get the suggestion not to put the adhesive directly onto your eyelids. I even almost understand don't eat the glue... but don't eat the lashes??

I have no idea.

And now, the stardust nails...

Several things come to mind with these. First I'm reminded of fairies flitting through the night sky, dipping and dancing and leaving trails of sparkling fairy dust as they dance. I think of fireflies on a summer night, flashing their desperate messages of love and lust into the dark, hoping for a response from some beautiful lady firefly.

Mostly, however, I'm reminded of stardust glittering in the deep black of space, tumbling and sparkling, capturing the light of stars and reflecting it to any eyes lucky enough to see. They seem like something magical, something that will catch everyone's eye and make them start thinking fantastic thoughts.

So tell me, what do you think of when you see these nails? Do you think of fairies or witches, of moonlit nights?

As I said in my video, I can't help but wonder how these would look on different colored backgrounds- a soft baby pink, a crazy magenta, perhaps a midnight blue.

I think it could be fun with less glitter, so that the lines of glitter show more. I'd love to place individual swarovski crystals into the streaks as well! It would be almost as if the stars are falling...

Ahh well, I've got a kit of longer nails to play with now. This will be lots of fun to play with, I think! What do you think would be an interesting twist for these nails?