Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Obsessions Are Contagious!

Ok, I have to be honest tonight. I have entries planned, but haven't had a chance to make them happen yet. Everything's photo'd and cropped and tagged and ready to go, I just haven't had the time to sit and actually write the stupid posts, but I'm hoping that'll change tomorrow. I'd gone out with the family tonight to spend some time and wound up falling asleep in the car, so once my husband woke me I took myself straight to bed... where I crashed with the laptop, only to wake up to find it's cold and I'm awake.


So, I figured what better thing to do than write a blog post! *laughs* I know. Not some people's first choice of actions, but that's why I have a blog, and they don't! So, work with me on this, yes?

I wanted to thank you all. Between twitter, the blog, email... I got so many warm wishes for my anniversary, and it helped make the day even better! My husband, sweetheart that he is, took me out to our favorite little Mexican restaurant, the one where everyone there knows us and they smile when they see us come in. (I'm talking about Taco Bell, for those of you who don't know. We're not fancy!) Yes, I chose the restaurant- husband gave me the choice of going just about anywhere I wanted, and I chose the Bell. Don't judge me!

On our way out the door, I noticed there was a poster up for their kids meals. They were giving away Skelanimals watches! I got so excited, and my husband thought it was adorable, so we talked for a few minutes.  I didn't want to buy a kid's meal because we'd just eaten, but since it seemed to be a Halloween them we didn't know how much longer they'd be available. Since it was our anniversary, my husband suggested I go ask if I could buy one on its own.

So there I was, so giddy I was absolutely bouncing, standing at the counter like I'm a five-year-old who's been told Santa is right around the corner! One of the guys who works behind the counter came up to see what I needed, and I asked if they had anymore of the Skelanimals watches. He asked if I was interested in them, and I said I am! He said hang on, then came back with two. He said they were the last two left, and to keep them both.

As if that's not nice enough, a girl who also works behind the counter came up and asked what he was talking about. The guy I'd been talking with told her I was asking about the Skelanimal watches, so she went and showed him the box that was leftovers. She pulled the other two out and said, "Here! Enjoy!!"

I was absolutely GIDDY!! I thanked them warmly and we continued on our way, heading to WalMart to walk. Unfortunately, I can't afford a gym membership and sometimes I need something to hang on to when I walk, so going to WalMart works- it's inside, it's climate-controlled, there are places to sit if I need to rest, buggies to push if I need something to hold on to, and lots of things to look at while I walk!

Well, while we were walking, I saw that their Halloween goodies were now on sale for 75% off. Have I mentioned how much I like clearance items? I dig for a few minutes and come up with a gorgeous orange creme nail polish and a pair of pink false lashes with feather tips. So, so cute, and something I'd really wanted to get but not at full price, you know?

I looked at my husband who said, "Sure, happy anniversary!" He's silly as can be, but it makes me happy, you know? So I drop those into my buggy and keep walking. We wander around (on a good night we'll make 4-6 laps around the WalMart Super Center) and my husband sees a shirt that looks like it'd be my style- lime green with a pink skull on it. I tell him, "Hey, if it was like, a dollar then I'd buy it. But you know I'm cheap, baby!"

He says, "But think about it... it's halloween. I bet this is on sale too!"

I had to admit, he was probably right. So I tossed it into the cart as well and we set off in search of a price-checking machine. It was almost creepy... the shirt didn't want to scan, but when it finally did (at the second machine, of course) it turned out to be... A DOLLAR! Isn't it cute?? And it's TOTALLY me...

And so for $2.50 I got everything you've seen in the pics... how cool is that?? I love a bargain... *grin*

So, the title of the post. I know, I've been rambling, but it's 3:30am right now, cut me some slack, will ya? When I woke up, I decided to check my email and I saw where my mom had sent me an email with a title of "Platinum nail polish????" Turns out she'd read about I Do, the platinum polish Essie put out in a collaboration with Allure magazine, platinum supplier Johnson Matthey, and PGI. It's a sheer polish with platinum dust in it to make your nails shimmer like a million bucks... or $250, which is what the bottles retail for. Or you could have the elite bottle- made of pure platinum, it was valued at $55,000.

Hi mom! See, I really DO read your emails, even if I forget to reply! :D And since I've been babbling long enough to get thoroughly chilled and until it's almost time to take my morning meds, I think I'll wander off back to bed to see if I can sleep a bit before it's daylight. Remember, time "fell back" last night, so you get an extra hour of sleep!! Whee!