Friday, November 19, 2010

OMG! I found Sally Hansen Nail Prisms for $0.50!

Do you ever have one of those days that just feels providential? This was definitely one of those days! My husband and I were going to go for a walk, and I decided to go to the Dollar Tree just to see what was there.

I went wandering through the crafty section while my husband went to toys. Then I decided to check out the cosmetics section, and I am so glad I did!! There, hanging amidst the LA Colors topcoat and the nail files were these neon orange Sally Hansen polishes packaged two for a dollar. And in these packages just happened to be three colors of the hard to find Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, including one of the prettiest purple holos I've seen!

That's right- I picked up this amazing purple holo (that absolutely REFUSED to play nicely with my camera. Stupid night shots!) for a grand total of fifty cents. Umm... really? I'm absolutely in shock.

I embarrassed myself when I found them. I was casually browsing until I read "Nail Prisms," at which point I actually squealed loud enough for my husband to hear me all the way on the other side and end of the store. He came running, worried that I'd hurt myself, only to find me giggling like a lunatic and pulling polish from the racks. I know... what can I say, I'm a freak?

Now, they weren't packaged consistently. There was one Nail Prisms polish and one Sally Hansen Salon (the old square bottles), but the colors were rather random. I dug around to make sure I didn't get any duplicates, and I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with. 

I've been plotting holiday nail art and have gotten a perfect Christmas green, but I didn't have a good Christmas red, so I'm REALLY happy with Reddy to Mingle- it's such a gorgeous red with just a tiny hint of shimmer.

You can see the color breakdown on the left here, and that photo does get bigger if you click it. Again, stupid night photos, the colors are as true as i can get them. Purple Diamond is as amazing a purple holo as I've ever seen. Golden Cinnabar is a strange color, sometimes looking rosy, sometimes golden, sometimes greenish. I'm not sure, but I think I might like it. Diamond is a straight silver holo, from what I can tell... it's absolutely gorgeous. Mist You was the big surprise out of the bunch- it's very similar to the CND special effects polishes- very sheer with a super lavender kick. Rose to the Occasion is an almost-creme pink that's fairly opaque. Reddy to Mingle is a crazy-beautiful red jelly that has a bit of almost-hidden shimmer (from what I could tell).

Clearly I need to take better photos, but you can see a hint of the shimmer in this shot. In RL it is an intense lavender, absolutely breathtaking. I think I'm in LOVE!!

So you may want to go hit up your local Dollar Trees. You never know just what goodies you'll find! There were also a lot of really pretty false nail kits, some nail gem kits, nail glue packs 2 for a dollar... so much fun stuff! I also picked up a quick dry top coat to try, simply because I need to see if I can spend less than $10 a bottle for top coat. :D

Happy Friday! ♥