Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Goodies From Essence!

Why, why, why don't I live in Europe?!  If I did, I would surely be snapping up Essence polish collections right and left. I know, this is nothing I haven't said a hundred times before... I think it's an extension of my plans as a child. For years I planned to emigrate to the UK when I was old enough and live my life in Jolly Old England. I didn't have much of a plan beyond that, but in my fantasies my life would be glamorous and exciting once I lived across the pond.

So of course receiving the press release about Essence's new collections coming out for January and February has me reviving those fantasies, only in today's version I'm wearing fabulous holographic Essence polish! Yes... you heard me right. The Black & White collection has a white holographic topcoat!!

The color choices for the Black & White collection are pretty predictable- black and white. I do like the way they designed the bottles, though, with the opposite-color caps and labeling. This makes the bottles pop with a visual energy that just makes me want to own them!

Also in the Black & White collection are the limited-edition nail stickers. Do I even have to tell you how excited I am by these? Holy wow, look at that top pattern... I'm in LOVE, I tell you! These apparently work similarly to the Incoco nail appliques. You peel them off their backing, then apply them to your fingernails. You then use a nail file to file off the edges at the edge of the nail so that they don't catch on anything.

These look SO AMAZINGI I wish I could get my hairs on a set of these. They seem just my style...

Then there's the I Love Berlin collection- also super cute. This one contains five vivid shades of nail polish, as well as two striper polishes! I'm really drawn to these colors. I think they're vibrant and fun and playful, and I think they'd be great to use for nail art.

The best part about these polishes, to me at least, is that they're such good quality and so affordable. Holos for Essence prices? Heck yes, sign me up!

The striper polishes are small and cute, and Essence calls them "tip painters." The fun thing about these particular stripers is that they're matte polish! I find this very interesting, although I almost always use a topcoat over my nail art, so I don't think the matte part of these would necessarily show up. Still, they could be fun to play with.

So what do you think of the new Essence collections that are coming out in January? Let me know if you find them and pick any of them up. I'm really interested in seeing swatches of them!