Friday, December 24, 2010

Is it too late to ask Santa for goodies? I've been good, I swear!

I know this is primarily a nail art blog, but now and then I see something that I feel the need to share. I was watching a makeup video on YouTube by NikkieTutorials this morning, and at the end of her video she showed the jewelry she was wearing. She had the cutest cobra ring that wraps around several fingers and looks as if it's biting her index finger! It was so cute that I had to look at the website just to see what else they had.

It is so cool, y'all! Ydeltuyt (pronounced Idol-tight) isn't your typical shop. The about link describes how the shop came to be.
The YDELTUYT office is a home-based company created by a 20 year old student named Simone Zuurveld, and is located int he north of the Netherlands (Groningen). The idea started during (where else) a shopping spree where she could not find what her heart desired. She decided to get to work immediately and a new fashion dream was born.

YDELTUYT has been selling high fashion accessories since April 2010 and has been growing ever since. At first, the items sold on our website were only available for Dutch customers, but because of the huge international interest we decided to make this an international online shop and we now ship worldwide!
Isn't that cool? I love the idea of supporting small independent shops, especially if they have interesting merchandise, and OMG, is there cool stuff here! I had to pull a few favorite items to share with y'all!

First is the cobra ring that drew my attention in Nikkie's video. This ring is so darn cute! It's not your typical snake ring in that it not only wraps around two fingers, its head also projects forward to "bite" your pointer finger! I love that... it's weird and kind of edgy, which I adore.

Also fun is that it comes in your choice of finish- gold, silver, or black! I tend to gravitate toward silver for my jewelry choices. I especially like things that aren't typical, that you wouldn't find fourteen other people wearing at the same party. I think this qualifies! It sells for € 9,95.

Next is an absolutely adorable skull ring covered in an elaborate floral pattern with dark red gems set into the eye sockets in a pavé pattern. This reminds me of the Día de los Muertos skulls for some reason, and I really like the stones set into the eyes. It's dark and creepy but also fun and funky. It's really, really my sort of thing!

Again, this ring comes in your choice of finish, either in gold with clear rhinestones or silver with dark red rhinestones and an antiqued finish. Best of all, it sells for a whopping € 8,95.

Then there's this flower ring. Isn't it too adorable? I love the bright color, and it's so whimsical! I can see wearing this with a fun summer outfit, maybe for going to a picnic or going to the zoo. It just screams fun to me!

Like the other pieces, you have choices with this ring as well. Although they're all silver-toned, you get your choice of flower color- pink, yellow, or this gorgeous blue. They're all bright and summery and happy. Since they sell for € 6,95 you could get them all!

I have to be honest, though... I think this robot necklace may be my favorite thing on the whole site. I love robots so much, and this little girl robot makes me smile! I love the pavé rhinestones on the body, and the little bow is the perfect finishing touch!

Once again, it comes in your choice metals, only instead of gold you get to choose from silver or bronze. The bronze robot has little amber-toned rhinestones on the body, and it's so cute! And hey, it's only € 9,95, so maybe Santa could tuck this one into my Christmas stocking!

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into the sort of accessories I'm drawn to. I know I spent entirely too long just digging through the site, looking at all the different goodies that are available. I have a feeling I may be shopping soon!

Merry Christmas, everyone!