Tuesday, March 13, 2012

11 Questions Tag, as seen on Mocha Mish Mash

I saw this idea on Mocha Mish Mash and thought it looked fun, so I'm doing it too!

 1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? "Oh Lord, I look SCARY when I'm sick!"

 2. What are the top 3 Beauty Products you cannot live without? Lip balm, leave-in conditioner, and nail polish. My lips stay chapped, my hair is so frustrating now that it's curly, and dude, it's NAIL POLISH!

 3. What are your best physical features?  Hmmm... I'd have to go with my eyes. I get compliments on them.

 4. What your favorite form of exercise? Walking and swimming are the most fun for me. I used to do much more, but the fibromyalgia sort of kicked my butt.

 5. Do you play any instruments? Yes! Well, sort of. In high school I played clarinet, flute, saxophone, piccolo and bassoon. (Yea, I was a bit of a multi-tasker!) Since then, I've dabbled a bit with piano and guitar, and I'm planning to get a ukulele soon!

 6. What is your worst pet peeve?  I don't know that I can pick just one! People who willfully spread misinformation infuriate me, so I'd go with that I guess.

 7. Seen anything weird lately?  Honey, my LIFE is one big weird thing!

 8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?  Someplace where the temperature doesn't swing 40 degrees in 24 hours would be nice!

 9. Do you believe in love at first sight?  No, not really. I think you can be drawn to someone, or feel the possibility for love at first sight, but actual love takes time.

10. Do you sing in the shower?  I sing everywhere!

11. What is your best childhood memory? Gosh, that's a hard one- I have a lot to choose from! The first one that comes to mind at the moment would be sitting in my mom's lap when I was 3 years old, watching Elvis on stage. My grandmother had told my mom she was crazy for taking a 3 year old to a concert, but I promised her I'd behave...

So there we were on the floor, and I knew that if I didn't behave myself my mom would leave. (Ok, I didn't know it at the time, but I think she would have stayed, since it was Elvis. But I digress...)  Elvis was on stage, singing and handing out scarves, and I had a FIT! I wanted to badly to go and get a scarf, but my mom said he'd be done by the time we got there. I was so sad, but I wasn't going to throw a fit, because... you know, ELVIS!!

That pretty much sums up my obsession with music!


  1. Cool! Thanks for doing the tag! I totally forgot leave-in condition for my top three products I can't live without! :D

    1. Absolutely! My hair used to be straight and oily. I could wash it and not condition it, and it would be fine! I had no idea how awesome that was...

      Now that I'm older and post-hysterectomy, my skin and hair are both dry and my hair is curly. I swear, I could drench my head in leave-in conditioner and it would be dry in 6 hours!


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