Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sally Hansen #GetMagnetic contest!

Who here loves contests? I know I do, and this one has me bouncing!

Sally Hansen is giving away $1,000!

You probably know by now that Sally Hansen is one of my favorite brands. Treatments, polishes, tools... they do it all with quality and style. However, this contest just makes me love them all over again!

As you can see from the infographic I made, it's super easy to enter. Just register on the Sally Hansen Facebook App, visit the Instagram app and snap a photo of your gorgeous nail art and add #GetMagnetic in the caption, then show the love for your favorite nail art photos on the Sally Hansen facebook app!

This contest runs until September 17, 2012, so you've got plenty of time to enter. But don't put it off... you don't want to miss this opportunity!

Since this is showcasing their magnetic polish, why not learn a bit more about it? Did you know Sally Hansen now has eight gorgeous shades of magnetic polish in stores now? It's true- they retail for $9.99 each, and come in luscious shades: Ionic Indigo, Red-y Response, Kinetic Copper, Silver Elements, Golden Conduct, Electric Emerald, Graphite Gravity, and Polar Purple. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to try these!

Which color interests you most? Are you over the magnetic trend, or are you still itching to find your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know what's on your mind!


  1. I adore magnetic nail polishes, but I still have yet to find the Sally Hansen ones around here. I've seen other varieties, but will be sure to keep an eye for these. They look amazing. I especially like the blue and green.

  2. Are they actually *magnetic*? I would think this would be most inconvenient. Picture reaching into your desk drawer for a paperclip...

    1. Nooo, that would be weird! Actually, the polish is very thick and contains tiny particles of iron. You hold the magnet over the wet polish and all the iron particles line up, creating a gorgeous three-dimensional effect. It's really cool!

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