Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sketchbook update!

Join me again for a walk through my sketchbooks, looking at the various things that have wandered through my mind and found an exit into the world through my pens.

What can I say, it's crowded in there, and kinda weird. Ok, very weird.

I'm going to start out with my current favorite piece. I started doodling it without intending for it to get bigger, but... well, see for yourself.

This started with lips at the bottom of the page. If you look closely, you can see notes for the blog and a blog shopping list under her hair. I figured this would just be lips, because I doodle a lot of just lips lately. But then I added a nose, and it actually looked passable for once! But the nose needed something on top of it. There was a flower under the sunglasses, so drawing an eye would have been awkward at best.

So then I had a face, with sunglasses and a nose and some seriously-injected-with-lip-fillers lips. The face seemed to need something to balance it, though, so I added a headband slightly off-center for that pseudo-hipster look. My niece had colored the heart for me at the crawfish boil recently, so all I needed to do was add the purple band.

But she clearly needed more... the headband wasn't nearly enough. I started working on bangs, but didn't like them at all. I decided to start with some curls at the top right of the headband. Once I got to a certain point, though, I realized she needed a pompadouresque poof. (Yes, I've been watching a lot of drag queen hair tutorials on youtube lately. Why do you ask?)

As you can see? Her hair kinda exploded, in a gorgeous, taste-the-rainbow kinda way. I'm still not finished with her, and my biggest regret is that she's on lined paper. BOOO! Still, I can always redo her if I get the urge. She'd be fun painted on a canvas!

Ok, since I've got an absolute ton of photos here, I'm gonna tuck them under the cut so you can skip 'em if you want and they don't clog up your feed reader. You can thank me by leaving a comment! ;)