Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haven't You Always Wanted a Llama?

Just a quickie update, since today's my birthday! I'm going to be lazy and comfy and not do much, but I wanted to share a conversation my husband and I had last night. I think it sums us up nicely...

It all started when I asked him to bring me a glass of water...

My husband:  Sheesh, woman! Kill the monster, bring you water...
Me:  Yes, and clone the llama! You can't forget the llama!
Husband:  I can't clone a llama for you. I only have a mango!!
Me:  But... but...
Husband:  And everyone knows you need a kiwi to clone a llama!
Me:  ...but... if you REALLY loved me, you'd clone me a llama!!
Husband:  *frowns*
Me:  *pouts*

I think we've both lost our minds! :D

Til next time!

French the llama!
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  1. Why yes, yes I have always wanted a llama.

  2. I desperately wanted a llama when I was a kid. I told my mom that I would settle for a tarantula named Llama. Not surprisingly -- and probably for the best -- that did not happen either. If only I had known that all I needed was a kiwi....

  3. O_o maybe he's not able to clone you a Llama, but have you tried an Alpaca yet? ;)

  4. Abby- *grin* Aren't they adorable? They're so fuzzy and cute!

    fennelbat- Wow... sounds like a good idea, although a friend of my dad's had a tarantula. It would crawl up his chest or back to sit on top of his bald head, like a big leggy toupee. So, so gross...

    Claudia- Oooooh, if I had an alpaca, I could learn to shave it and spin it's fur into soft, soft yarn! Talk about HOMESPUN!! :D

  5. My boyfriend and I have really weird conversations just like that on a daily basis. You haven't lost your mind, believe me. Besides, couldn't your husband genetically transform the mango into a kiwi, and *then* clone you the llama?

  6. See, you would totally think he could do that, but NOOO, apparently it's got to be an original kiwi or something. I dunno, sometimes he just gets all weird like that! =P

    Yea, we've been told by many people that we just have more fun than most people. Even 19 years into our relationship, we're still snuggly and giggly and utterly smitten with each other! :D


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